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Thread: Assault rifle and Shotgun

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    Assault rifle and Shotgun

    Well I am a templar, and have decided on assault rifle and shotgun. I notice that dragon has a deck for assault rifle and shotgun, but not templar. Therefore I'm unsure on how to build my character. Has anybody got any advice? Would really appreciate any feedback. Is this purely a dps build with some light healing?

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    You can build your character however you want. The "decks" are just outfits. If Dragon is given one you like, you can easily use the deck, you just don't get the outfit. It's not any less viable option then for Dragon.

    We have some good builds linked in my "Builds" section of my sig, but no AR/Shotgun.
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    Focus on hinders just to make it easy. Go for close quarters + any passives that make you do extra damage or whatever against hindered targets and you'll be good to go.

    Eventually though you will find yourself building it how you want to build it after you experience the game a bit more I think.

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    I can't really offer any advice on that build, but you can see the Dragon deck abilties here if you were wanting to aim for / look at those.

    I'm in a similar situation of chooseing a combination that isn't a Templar deck.

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    As far as I remember, the AR/shotgun dragon build uses synergies based on hindering abilities mainly. Nothing stellar, nothing you couldn't do better on your own.
    It's a decent build, but don't worry, it is not too difficult to do as good, if not better, without any model.

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