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Thread: rifle/fist build, lacking damage..

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    rifle/fist build, lacking damage..

    anyone have any suggestions to branch off in maybe hammers or something else for damage? i am rifle/fist build now (full healing for pvp/grouping) and finding it hard to solo with either rifle damage or fist damage abilities, just finding them so lacking. i'm currently in savage coast and have q4 rifle and q4 claws, and skills in both all the way up to 7. do i just need to get better quality weapons or are fists and rifles just bad for damage no matter how you spec?

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    Find synergies and spec for them.

    They share afflict as a state they afflict
    They share hit as their damage boost
    They share burst as a single target attack type.

    Now to build your deck.

    Look for a builder that applies afflict or a passive that converts a builder to apply afflict
    Look for passives that increase hit when you afflict and passives that cause afflict upon hit
    Look for passives that improve burst damage or cause burst attacks to trigger afflict or increase hit
    Look for passives that increase a counter every time you hit, or have consecutive hits make subsequent bursts deal more damage
    Equip mostly burst attacks, especially your finishers
    You might use an aoe builder on the rifle, then tab through targets applying burst finishers in an aoe build, but I would swap that for a single Target hitter in a dungeon dps build.

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    Oh if you build a 3rd weapon make that chaos as it shares a lot of synergy with both AR and fists. Any 2 of the 3 weapons can make a decent build

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    @JerryC: Could you be a little more specific about what you would propose to be suitable actives/passives for a damage-oriented rifle/fist build?

    I'm struggling with the mechanics somehow and as much as I look at the charts on which synergies certain weapons are supposed to share, I'm still having a hard time to find these specific synergies in the skills.
    (And I guess the German translation of almost all states to very similar words only makes my confusion worse for that matter. Try keeping "Beeinträchtig","Behindert" and "Befallen" separate, when they all somehow mean the same and start with the same letters)

    So anyway, I'd really appreciate a little "instruction by example", if you could spare a few minutes to help me out.


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    I don't have access to the wheel currently, so I don't know about specific skills, but I think I can help a little.

    Pull up your ability page and click the Ability Search bar on the right side. Type in "Burst" and see what comes up. That will pull up every ability that triggers or utilizes a burst type ability. You're looking for items in the trees that have a synergy. An example I can think of is in shotgun/hammers: Many of shotgun/hammer's AoE attacks are Blast attacks. There is a deep shotgun passive that triggers additional damage on any blast attack and a similar item in hammers that applies a DoT on all blasts. So now, with those two passives, almost every attack I throw out has base damage, secondary damage, and a DoT.

    Additionally, take a look at your gear. Gear is broken into Healing, Damage, and Tank/HP gear. Green gear will always have a chunk of health attached (and lower primary stat), but if you're in mostly blue healing gear, you will not have any damage. Try swapping out some DPS gear for healing gear and see what happens.

    There was an awesome website in beta that had a description of how the gear system works, but I can't find it now. In short, your slots are broken down into a percentage of your stats: Head is 25%, Majors are 15% each, Minors 10% each. So if you want more DPS, swap slots according to what percentage you want to trade off. 75/25? 50/50? 90/10? It's all your call.


    read and enjoy.

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    I was feeling the exact same way. I run with a friend so I went Monk and have been an awesome healer for dungeons and groups.

    Yesterday I discovered Burst abilities in the fist line. There is a Burst passive in assault rifle that increases damage, and Burst passive in fists that gives HoTs on hit. You also have a Burst heal consumer for survivability.

    I also switched my gear. I was using a 65/35 heal/dps set and was doing no damage. I switched to a 75/25 dps/heal set and started destroying everything. If your all blue I would go 50/25/25 dps/heal/tank for survivability, or just find a happy medium.

    Remember the head is 25, major is 15, and minor is 10.

    Good Luck!

    GJ and finding the link Manse

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    Here is the build I was using for Fist/AR:

    Safety Off - Builder
    Claw - Builder
    Wild at Heart - Finisher
    Fire in the Hole - Finisher
    Fire at Will - AOE Finisher
    Go for the Throat - Elite(Sets Impaired Status)
    Nurture - Heal (Eventually Replaced by Surgical Steel)

    Sharp Claws - Add Dot for Claw
    Killer Instinct -Extra Dmg
    Predator - +Dmg Fist
    Lick Your Wounds - Self HoT
    Extra Bullet - Extra Hit for Fire at Will
    Eagle Eye - +Dmg AR
    Out of the Woods - Heal Booster

    This build uses all inner ring, with exception of my current heal.

    This was able to get me to Black Sun, Red Sand Tier 9/10(Egypt Story Mission). That was the first point at which I needed to change my build for a mission. I know this build is not the most effective, doesn't use any synergy or real status effects but it does work. You just rotate the builders and finishers. For harder mobs 5x builder, self heal, AR finisher. Using the elite attack when it's off cooldown/to stop a mobs special ability.

    I realize now that having the melee builder included is pointless you can use the Ranged one for everything but I didn't know that at the time.

    You just have to pull smart and only attack one thing/group at a time. There is also very little downtime due to just spamming the self heal between pulls.

    Starting in Blue Mountain, I also regularly used Health and Barrier Pots, but only what I found. The only exception is at the end of the Faction Rank 6 mission when I needed to craft a few QL7 Barrier pots.

    *The reason I've used this for so long is that I put all my SP into outer ring healing abilities for my healing build.

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