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Thread: Templar Uniforms

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    Templar Uniforms


    I just got the Knightly Order Uniform and I have to say once again i'm more than slightly disappointed. I've been hoping that every rank i'll finally get the one that improves on Enlisted Order and it just hasn't happened. All that really happens is more yellow is added.

    Now I can understand adding 'gold' to the uniform, but this actually looks like the sort of material you would use to transfer a pattern to a T-shirt, not ostentatious gold.

    I'd like either for the uniforms to be reworked a little, or the gold effect to be made more realistic, as it genuinely looks plasticy/rubbery and is disappointing that ranking up just adds more of suck poor looking material.

    Honestly, a nice metallic silver might be the way to go. I know most of my friends were hoping for pauldrons and such like Dame Julia's fancy setup.

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    I'm abit disappointed in them myself, but that all went away once I got my Paladin deck reward. It's not a Templar uniform but it might as well be. No doubting your allegiance while wearing that!

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    I'm hugely disappointed in the templar uniforms aswell. Not only do I feel like a walking duck running around in all that rubber I don't think it looks so well. It looks great on the art, but ingame, on a character with flappy boobs and no curves it looks badly. I was hoping with upgrades it would become better. But some yellow marks on the side? Yeah, awesome upgrade.

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    Sadly, it is the same for every faction, higher rank uniforms have more stripes but that is it. You can see some examples here

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    The uniforms might look similar. But i'm actually claiming Templar Uniforms get steadily worse..

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    Agreed - even with highest graphics, best colours and monitor you can't hide the fact the uniform is lacking. I love the illum~ one and wish I had rolled one now instead of templar, it almost feels clown like in game.


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    Any new information? The high ranking Illuminati uniform has no gas mask and actually looks completely differant to the noob uniform. Not just a lazy adding of more mcdonalds cheese slice to the basic.
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    I think the Knightly order is the best of the uniform changes but overall yeah the uniforms don't look so good. The yellow clashes with the other colours , the red is to faded at least on the guy uniforms and it looks more like someone painted the details on than actually added extra stitching. The combination just makes it look like a bad cosplay outfit than an actual uniform. If they were to change them I'd hope they'd make them more military like and less like a hotel bellhop. I also wish we'd get full facial helms I'm actually rather jealous of the Illuminati's gas masks which makes them look more mysterious and evil like in my mind.
    In stalk contrast the PVP uniforms and decks for the Templar look great.

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