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Thread: Please help - Analyze the problem and offer a solution

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    Question Please help - Analyze the problem and offer a solution

    OK, something is way wrong with Blade, my use of it, or both.

    My Skills are at QL10 Blade (Damage), Head and Minor Talismans at QL6, and Major Talismans at QL7.

    My Gear is QL5 (head), QL6 Finger, QL3 BLUE Neck, QL4 Neck, QL5 Luck, QL5 Waist, and QL6 Occult. My sword is QL6.

    I have 4658 hit points.

    I have 2 MAJOR PROBLEMS! One, I am trying to run "The Benevolent Conspiracies" mission in Blue Mountain. It lists as "EASY" for me. Up to the Penumbral Brood Matriarch, I was pretty much dying after just killing 1 mob with the Thumper, rezzing, repairing gear, and going back to it. At the Penumbral Brood Matriarch, I cannot even damage her. Not a single bit of damage! Nothing.

    Two, I am trying to run the faction mission for Dragon called Rogue Agent. I get to the final encounter, and I am dying. I try standing near the statues, and nothing happens except I die. I can kill 1 of the attackers, almost get a 2nd, but the main guy always gets me.

    I must be doing something way wrong. I constantly read how "easy" such-and-such a mob or mission is. So, assume I am an idiot. What can I do to fix it?
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    The mob con is based on your equipped item (QL) and the rank of your weapon. However, what con as easy might not be easy because you could have screwed up your 7/7 abilities.

    What I can see that a lot of players are finding it difficult because they focused almost entirely on their gear. Unfortunately, a higher QL (brute forcing) is not the way to get you through some of the content. I recommend you visit yokaiblog to fully understand the mechanics, then maybe try out some of his recommended build.

    Your gear complements your build. They are a force multiplier. You may be able to brute force some content with a overpower QL gear, but the agent part is one of the many walls encountered by brute force players. The way you equip your 7/7 is much more important than your gear. You should be using around 4-5 if not all your active abilities in every battle (unless you've figured out an uber build)...and if that's not happening, then your build is porbably not efficient. Almost all your passives should proc by 2-3 (just a guess) of your active skills as well. I suggest that you spend the time to read the guide I recommend. It will be worth it.

    As for the rogue agent, there are 2 statues. The one that glows green takes away his invul if he's near it. The one with red glow interrupts his killer move. As for the 2 lesser agents, go back to your build.

    From my own experience, I have about 50% hp left after I killed the 2 agent (used a barrier pot). Then use LOS to hide behind the statue to heal when my hp is real low. I ran through egypt with only QL6 blue weapon (green talis), onli upgraded to QL8 blue near the end, and am still on QL8 blue midway through Transylvania...I never had more than 3.5k hp...and I think I only have a decent 7/7...not a killer uber it's definately possible.

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    The Penumbral Brood Matriarch: you should have an item in inventory that temporarily removes the invulnerabilty.

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    Penumbral Brood Matriarch

    From memory I think you need to activate something you would have picked up along the way to enable damage on her. Check your inventory.

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    I was having trouble with the matriarch as well. I used the tree to LoS her so she wouldn't do her AE move on me so much. it also gave me time for my HoT to work.

    You said your blade is at skill 10, but what about your other weapon? Are you using only the one? If so, you're missing out on a good deal of damage potential. Most builders will increase resource of both weapons. I use blades and pistols, alternating consumers as the resources fill up.

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    It may list as easy but due to the number of mobs i found it quite a (welcome) challenge.
    For the matriarch, you have to search for 3 items at the beginning, a thumper, grenades and something else (rail tec? cannot remember). You used the first 2 already, when the matriarch comes, target her and use the third item, that will remove her shield.

    Also...don't you have a second weapon? Getting Blood Magic or AR will help you alot if you are alone out there.

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