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Thread: Only 3 character slots total?

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    Only 3 character slots total?

    Do we really only ever get 3 character slots? Not even 3 per server (or did I miss how to choose a new server?).

    Do I have to buy more slots? I didn't see anything about this but I very well might have missed it.

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    Well, you really don't need more than technically don't need more than 1...

    I think 3's a good way to limit it so you can have one of each faction, but you truly don't need more than 1 unless you want to play with friends on an even ground. But where's the fun in that
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    To clarify what the above poster said, the game has no levels, classes, or races. A single character can collect every skill, ability, and piece of gear in the game. The only reason there's even more than one character slot is due to there being three factions (and therefore needing three slots to see the other two faction's missions - though that makes up a tiny portion of the game).

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    It's a good thing we're so limited. People are already having trouble finding names, imagine if everyone had 8 alts!

    And since all dimensions can mingle, and names carry across dimensions, it makes sense that you don't get to make extra characters just because you're making them in different dimensions.

    I have 4 character slots (got one extra from one of the packs I bought), yet I only have 2 characters, and really only play one of them. 3 slots is going to be 2 more than most players will need.

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    Fair enough it just seemed so low. I'm used to thinking in terms of a male and female of each faction or to try different powers and such. Wasn't thinking about being able to have all the abilities.

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    As it's already been said since there's no classes whatsoever and you can get all the abilities in the ability wheel there's is really no such great need to have too many character slots as in other MMO's.

    Even 1 character can experience all the builds in the wheel just not at the same time. And I dont think the different faction vary from each other that much except storywise.

    But I think you can buy 10 character slots in total if you really want to have tons of characters.

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    I've been an utter altoholic in every game I've played and I found the idea of just 3 character slots scary at first. But once I got my head around the fact that the "servers" we roll on are actually dimensions of a single server and there are only 3 factions it's like I'm cured. This game is really liberating for me respecs + alts.... things of the past.... it's great!

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    In the headstart I was quickly creating myself 3 chars, but I haven't played more than one of them.

    At first I was thinking "oldschool".. create a tank, a healer and a DPS... then I found out... why bother ? Just make your one char a tank, a healer and a DPS... depending on which skills I set active.

    I still do plan to play the other chars, but only for the different faction story. But to truly enjoy Kingsmouth again (after 3 runs in beta), I need to get some distance first.

    I love the way how I can just move my one char in the direction that I want to be headed, totally unlimited by the game mechanics. There simply is no "you cannot heal, you are a dps!".. there is only a "if you want to heal, grab a different weapon"... or even "if you want to heal, select the healing skills not the killers.

    I love it and I am one of those, who were always at the limit in terms of allowed alts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildkatze View Post
    At first I was thinking "oldschool".. create a tank, a healer and a DPS... then I found out... why bother ? Just make your one char a tank, a healer and a DPS... depending on which skills I set active.
    This! If you really need more slots, you can pay for them. But 3 slots, 3 factions... I don't think it's a coincidence.

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    3 Slots good enough~ at least I know there will be balance in the game~

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