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Thread: pvp based healing, fist/blood, ar/blood, or ar/fist??

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    pvp based healing, fist/blood, ar/blood, or ar/fist??

    I am currently trying fist/blood. This type of healing (inner circle plus cauterize) seems pretty standard, shield and throw some heals with minor hot's. For pvp i only need to worry about los'ing my defensive target.

    How is your experience with ar/blood, ar/fist? It seems like in pvp this could be more frustrating trying to keep los with your offensive target and defensive target under ar.
    Or do you just use the direct heal/hots of ar?

    Please share experiences...


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    I like to play PvP healers. It's a bit rough in TSW, as burst damage is so incredibly high. For that reason, I focus on Blood. You can't heal a 4k HP DPS when he just ate a 5k Red Mist, but a big enough barrier might help him live a bit longer. I find my Fist HoT's and heals are more useful to keep up the tanks when on the custodian.

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    I've been using Blood's chain heal and target AoE bubble to give a little boost to the big groups. In smaller battles I try to pop fist HoTs on players in the middle of things.

    With a group of 25+ its near impossible to find who is taking damage and try to heal just them.

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