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Thread: Shotgun + Hammer Weakness Build.

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    Shotgun + Hammer Weakness Build.

    Can you build around an effect like weakness? I decided to do this combo after looking at the synergy charts. I've only chosen powers that take advantage of the weakened state.

    The hammer+shotgun premade decks seem to mix up effects, so is this a good idea?

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    the premade for lumi is the bodyguard and its mainly aoe dmg,,, but i do know what you mean as far as stacking the weakness and impairs and trying hinder as much as possible nice abilites so far in inner ring is hammers elite shockwave. but for stacking weakness pumpaction with its passive sawed off is very nice for sometime,,,i think somewhere in the outer wheel theres an active ability that also stacks it without having to use a passive

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    I am working on elem/shotgun build the uses a lot of weakness with hammer passives mixed in. From all potential builds I went through I saw a way to make a shotgun hammer weakness build work,

    There are 2 keys to the build: First are Strike attacks, single target "heavy hitting" attacks that are only found in shotgun, hammer, and elementalism. Second is Punisher, a passive shotgun trait that causes all strike attack to weaken with Debilitate( target does 3% less damage per stack, 10stack max).

    Shotgun and Hammer both have strike builders and consumers which means with punisher slotted every attack will weaken. For multi-target hitting I use pump action with sawed off (passive) to weaken targets with debilitate. Through Hardcase (passive) from shotgun, and every application of weakens grants physical and magical protection rating (up to 5 stacks). Add Paradigm shift from Chaos and every application of weakness grants hit rating (up to 5 stacks).

    So with the beginning of this build every strike attack weakens, grants protection rating and hit rating. There quite a few other passive like, Tenderizing, Gunsmoke, Gnosis etc that exploit the weakened state.

    If blasts are more your thing, switch out Punisher for Improved Blasts, use the shotgun and hammer blast abilities.
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    Thanks. Still sorting my way through this game. Didn't occur to me to look at the other synergies the hammer/shotgun combo has.

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    Dharknite states what I would as well....nice synergy for single target (strikes) and AOE (blast) in both hammer and shotgun. I run Hammer / Fist but have a lot pulled from shotgun and in fact I'm going to go back to shotgun/fist once I have the SPs to bring shotgun up to par.

    It's nice having an easy to switch Single Target / Multi Target / Melee / Ranged character with only a few clicks.

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    came up with a interesting build for shotgun/hammer totally abusing weakness and strike attacks.

    your builder is a strike attack. both of your finishers is a strike attack.

    pros of the build.

    - all strike attacks get a extra 7.5 percent to penetrate.
    - all strike attacks get 20 percent more crit power.
    - strike attacks cause the target to become weakened with debilitated, deal 3 % less damage, total of 30 % at ten stacks.
    -when you hit a weakened target you gain a stack of crit power rating of 30 per stack, 150 at max stacks.
    -strike attacks get damage increased by 7.5 % (also healing but you got none)
    - crit chance of strike abilities increased by 7.5%
    - when you crit with strike abilities increase crit rating by 30 per stack, max of 150.
    -- aftershock gives you minor ward 7.5 percent damage reduction
    --- extra damage to close targets from your shotgun abilities.
    -- flak jacket gives 15 percent damage reduction ona cooldown.
    -- trucker lets you close fast and gives 40 % block for six seconds.
    --- heavy recoil does nice damage and jumps you back 10 meters where you can use trucker again to close and get another 40 percent block when it comes recycles or just get out of dodge and stay at range as much as possible to kite.
    -- point blank-- nice damage at close range, plus an impair.

    only thing i dont like about the deck is no self heal. if i would change anything it would be take out social dynamo for forged in fire but that is only if I was having trouble surviving.

    gear i would go with head and major talismans all dps. the minor for health with either block and defense glyphs or hit rating and crit (rating or power). you want this deck to hit all the time and crit alot. hit crit rating and crit power and pen rating would be what i would aim for.

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    Yes, Weakness is an important state, especially early on. Note some of the outer ring abilities and passives stack Weakened as well as trigger on it.

    Hindered is another choice. It's a bit harder to come by, but there are options, starting with Kneecapper, and with a fair number of choices in the outer ring.

    Penetration would be the other way to go with Shotgun.

    Hammer also lends itself to crits, and there are synergies there with crits that Weaken.

    Note that you don't have to choose exactly one state and work only with that one. You'll want to favor one and stack up effects on it, certainly, and optimize your gear for crits or pen or what have you -- but it's not bad if some other effects are also playing a role, even if a minor one.

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    With shutgun/hammer stack penetration and strike passives. Weakness based stuff is overrated.
    And having that 3% stacking weakness perk is a waste of space for a parserphile because most people have it including the tanks.

    Gear wise, look for hit then penetration. (assuming you will be doing dungeons)
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    This is what I use for Solo and dungeon DPS.

    Smash - Builder
    Haymaker - Hammer Consumer
    Buckshot - Shotgun
    Out for a Kill - Shotgun Consumer
    Turn the Tables - Self heal
    Hell to Pay - AoE hammer consumer
    Breaching Shot - Party Penetration Buff

    Dead on Target - +shotgun dmg
    Punishment - +crit crit dmg on weakend targets(stacks up to 5)
    Paradigm Shift - Increases hit chance on weakened targets(stacks up to 5)
    Tenderising - extra dmg whenever i hit a weakened target
    Gnosis - chance to do an extra hit on weakened targets
    Hard Impact - Increase hammer dmg
    Below the Belt - Each hit with smash reduces dmg output of the target and sets weakened state

    Looking to add to Brawler and swapping out Breaching shot, self heal and the AOE for more dps. Just haven't found anything worth swapping them for.

    Can see more info on the skills by looking at my chronicle.

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    well if i was in a group i would replace my passive that gives debilitated if the tank could do it with a passive that increased my damage, maybe dead on target. i mainly put that in there because it makes the enemy do 30 percent less damage. that was a survival tool for me. i try to build my characters so they can survive in a solo setting out in the real world, not in a group setting in instances. i change them if needed when i get into a instance with a group.

    ooh thank you, I forgot about turn the tables, was looking for a self heal and was getting frustrated i couldnt find one at all. forgot about that tree. would take either trucker or heavy recoil off my build for that. matter of fact ive got most of this stuff might go ahead and put this build together. looks like fun.
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