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Thread: Enabling sound while TSW is in background?

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    Enabling sound while TSW is in background?

    Is it possible to Enable sound while TSW is in the background? I use two monitors, Gameplay on one, Browser / IM clients etc on the other, and in most games theres an option to allow a game to still make its noise while its not the focus, but TSW mutes itself, I'd like to be able to pop over to the other monitor and still hear the dialogue in cutscenes etc.

    I assume there might be some config file I can edit?

    win7 64bit if that makes any difference, or if theres some windows option itself that I can adjust.

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    I have the same "problem"...
    Would be nice if such a feature existed.
    Any news about that yet?

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    I have a dual monitor set up, and like the OP, I tend to take the chance during cut scenes to switch windows and do some other stuff. Having an option to toggle background audio would be useful.

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    There any thoughts on this? I'd really love to be able to still hear conversations while I use a second monitor.

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    I'd also like to know more about this...

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    I've read in other posts, that windowed borderless will allow this, instead of fullscreen.

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    Nah, I've been running windowed borderless since beta. I get no audio if I I'm using my second monitor.

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    /signed. Sucks when during cutscenes I try to convince my friends over Skype to get the game but can't hear the dialogue!

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    /signed - I'd really like a way to do this. I like to listen to the NPC conversations (like the two in The Horned God, or Ian and the Stuarts in the Temple Club) but I can do this without having the game in foreground, while I'm trying to figure out a new build attempt in the browser. Except I can't, because the sound goes away.

    This would be really nice to have, as a selectable option, of course. I understand why it is the way it is as a default.

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    Definitely have to give a +1 to this. It's really frustrating and one of the (few) things that are distracting from my enjoyment of TSW.

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