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Thread: The Gatekeeper | AR/Blood Healer

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    The Gatekeeper | AR/Blood Healer

    For any healers interested in a quick little video and explanation I decided to record my footage from the fight.

    This is the solo boss fight "The Gatekeeper" you need in order to start Nightmare dungeons. This is the point of view of a healer. You can choose to do the fight as a Tank, DPS, or Healer. Just make sure to click the right node at the start!

    Key Elements:
    -Stay out of ground effects.
    -Keep "Your Friend" alive.
    -Cleanse/Purge when orange balls spawn.
    -Keep multiple friendly mobs up.
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    Thanks a lot for this!

    I looked at this video as well as the video from Duffy and it helped me immensely in defeating the Gatekeeper today.

    It was fairly easy as AR/Blood healer once you understand what to do but it took me several tries. I kept falling off the edge or tumbling/moving into the AOEs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingturtle View Post
    I kept falling off the edge or tumbling/moving into the AOEs.
    Falling off the edge got me like 5 times. I should of put bloopers at the end of it. >.>
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    Falling off the edge and putting the aoe circles on where the "friend" was standing were the two biggest reasons why I failed this fight a couple times

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