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    Hey guys,

    Was just wondering what is a good/best combo weapon for heavy dps with a blade? and whats the best stats to stack? any advise or links would be awesome! cheers guys!

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    Depends on how you want to play.

    Affliction -> Penetration is quite popular with passives like Bloodsport, Fatal Flourish, Iron Maiden, Twist the Knife, 12 Gouge, Donor, etc.

    Also popular is Elementalism's Blaze/Aidelon spam combo. You could pair that with Blades' Affliction/Pen combo. Just be wary of mobs that do nasty things when you Afflict them.

    Blade/Blood has alot of synergies. I don't play Blood so I'll leave that for someone else who does.

    There's also alot of Blade/Assault Rifle for those focusing on Strike attacks and leeching self-heals.

    As for stats, those will come. As you quest just focus on talisman roles (tank, dps, heal). Once you get up in QLs you can focus on stats that will support your build.

    I will say though, that you should put Hit Rating on both your weapons for consistancy since the game only uses the stats on a weapon while it's in use, and ignores the stats on your "sheathed" weapon.
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    See I was looking into blades and fist but the further in game I go the less effective thats becoming.

    So now i'm looking at other options such as blade/ele for the ext dps and hinders to stop mobs running like wusses if anyone who was out there could let me know how blade/ele works out if they use it or if its any good at all?

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    I know you said best DPS... But I thought I would give you a link to check out. Is more for leveling than single target boss DPS but still very good.


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    cheers dude looking into that now thanks alot

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