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Thread: The game really does need some sort of respec.

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    The game really does need some sort of respec.

    Yes, I know half of you grabbed torches and pitchforks when I said that. But IMHO it really does. Right now you have to backtrack to respec or either neglect your current skills to save up points.

    A respec option would be nice to allow us to change up things without grinding repeat content.

    If you want to prevent abuse limit it to 2 respecs a week. the reason I picked 2 and not one. You may respec to something you absolutely hate, this gives you the ability to go back.

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    you are supposed to "grind" repeat content. its a large part of the reason why 90% of the quests are repeatable.

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    I don't really think "Trolling the Forums" MMO needs any respec.(t)

    At least you're playing a game you enjoy.

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    You really don't,AP comes so easy later on.if you have trouble in the beginner areas because of a "gimped" build just party with someone.the first few areas are relatively easy.

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    No worries, I don't have a torch or a pitchfork.

    The thing is, early in the game, I got unhappy with my build, and very frustrated. I worked hard to get some skills, and then it turned out I didn't like them, or it would have been better if I'd gotten a different skill.

    But now that I'm in Egypt, almost NONE of the skills I've gotten are wasted. I use things I thought were garbage back on Solomon Island.

    I have my blade/bist solo build
    An Elem/fist solo build (this is my newest)
    An AR/Elem dps instance build
    A pistol/fist healing instance build for elites
    A AR/Fist healing build for easier instances and a little more DPS fun
    Sometimes I switch it up and go Blade/AR, or AR/Pistols, or Sword/Elem. Some fights require different skill sets. I hope to fill out more of the blood tree soon, for instance, for even more healing possibilities,

    And in certain fights, I switch out skills I got and thought were garbage before. For instance, I went into Slaughterhouse for the first time last night, and we really struggled on the second boss. I was really determined to use pistol/fist healing/cleansing build (it's been rocking up til then). BUT I couldn't keep the adds off me and heal the tank at the same time.

    Finally figured out that I could kite the adds around and self heal with fist, while using the direct group heals for everyone else from AR (Mortor support and Platoon), since the boss does very little damage, it's the adds that hurt.

    Anyway, my point is, you will need different skills depending on the different situations, especially as you get further into the game. The reason you don't need a "respec" is because we are meant to have ALL those options eventually. And I for one am glad as heck I do!

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    no it really doesnt, just run a couple of dungeons or rerun some old quests to level your new weapons.

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    I put all my money in Enron.
    I want a respec.

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    As a compromise, why not allow 2 respecs per week til you hit a set amount of AP (150 or whatever the minimum is before the average player leaves the first zone).

    That would allow new players to mess around a little without breaking the game, and wouldn't allow them access to try all the 'best' abilities.

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    I imagine they don't want this because people could just unlock deck outfits with every re-spec.

    Personally I like the lack of a re-spec. It's one of the few things that lends any permanence to your character. Since everything else is changeable/swappable at the drop of a hat. With a re-spec in a couple weeks I could try out every single build and be out of character options to explore.

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