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Thread: Best DPS Build?

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    Best DPS Build?

    Hey, many Thread are opened about DPSing but I woundering what is now the best DPS Build Actualy?

    some with Elemental Magic if I remember?

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    I believe the conclusion has always been "there is really no such thing."

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    The best DPS build for all situations, single target, AoE, solo, and groups, is full pistols. You should also take this asnwer about as serious as we take your question.

    Anyway, to be honest,
    Expect alot of answers like...

    "There isnt one"
    "Play whats fun"
    "Depends on the situation and boss"

    on and on and on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KorenoGamer View Post
    Expect alot of answers like...

    And take them seriously.

    They are correct!

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    yay noobs are going to troll this board

    Sad Community :> I never know that Kids are in this Game :X

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    Quote Originally Posted by enaske View Post
    yay noobs are going to troll this board

    Sad Community :> I never know that Kids are in this Game :X
    You are the one that was asking for the "best DPS build" to be handed to you on a silver platter.

    So, who is the "kid" here?

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    You sound like a FOTM kind of guy OP.

    Use the Blaze exploit, its just for you.
    Push the Envelop. Watch it bend.
    Bluntski "Ent" Maximus
    Illuminati Slayer

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    Find a Good DPS Build =/ find exploit. But.... maybe I should report the Exploiter :>

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    They are all right though. All weapons, if built properly, are the "best dps." What makes it the best is knowing which abilities to use with which passives that boost the damage of those abilities AND lastly, your ability to maintain a rotation.

    Example: I use Pistol/Hammer for DPS and I am keeping neck and neck with an Elemental/AR -- possibly maybe even higher than him because there's a bug with Pistols where your Double Up damage (which is being done) is not showing in the logs thus I am "losing" DPS because it's not recorded on the meters.

    Firstly, go to the skill page. Read each bonus each weapon has. Double Up, Explosive Rounds, Offer Blood, etc. See what you think would be very fun to use.

    Next, read each and every ability. Then passives. Now make a build. Test it. Like it? keep it. Don't like it? Change it. Rinse. Repeat.

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