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Thread: DPS build for AR blood healers

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    DPS build for AR blood healers


    So, i happen to be an AR/Blood heals that has to buy all those nifty dps passives and actives but never gets a chance to use then.

    I tried to find a dps build that used most of the talents that the ar blood heals has to pick up on the way and a few others that i found synergistic; it ended up being mostly blood dps and penetration heavy (phun not intended)

    So, what is your oppinion. Is this feasible? fun? crap?

    (single target)
    left hand
    Open veins
    guts and glory
    anima vessel / platoon / shot of anima

    Dark potency
    Sharp shooter
    gross anatomy
    Third Degree
    Five times is a charm.

    Link tot he build so you can take a look

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    a bit more info

    after reading a few other posts, i figured it would be better to give more info on my thoughts on the passives and actives that i chose

    gonna start by the passives

    1 - torture: extra hit for focus attacks, all single target strikes are focus
    2 - dark potency: up to 150 pen rating on the application of Afflicted. All finishers apply afflicted
    3 - sharp shooter: whenever crit or pen, + hit. Up to 150 hit
    4 - Gross anatomy (to be discussed) extra hit when Dots expire. Could be traded for Iron maiden, leading to 10% more pen rating (and more Hard Rock, lol)
    5 - Third degree: every 3 pens, another Dot (syn with dark potency, gross anatomy)
    6 - doom: every 4 pens, another pen
    7 - five times a charm: every 5 pens, one impair. every impair, more pen for Guts And Glory

    1 - bloodline, focus, channeled (bad for mobility)
    2 - left hand of darkness, insta, can be powered fby owns life, good for popping blood offering buff
    3 - plague: moar dotz, MOAR DOTZ!
    4 - open vein: chain builder
    5 - infection: chain finisher, applies affliction
    6 - guts and glory, insta, extra pen if target is impaired
    7 - utility slot, can be used for a self heal, aoe heal, leech, hinder (shot of anima, anima vessel, slow the advance)

    Keep suggesting!

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    random consideration:

    for nightmares, where dps's impairing might not be the best option, i could take five times is a charm out and put in iron maiden.

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