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Thread: Market only in London?

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    Market only in London?

    Hey gang,

    I'm wondering how long London will last having the burden of owning the only Market in the game. Hopefully, they will add a Market/Bank to Seoul and NYC soon. Good luck!

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    london is the hub for all factions, so.. thats where they want players to be for most of that sort of stuff i think

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    I can't even imagine how ridiculous the bank is going to look tonight, with 400 players in a 20x20 room. haha...

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    I can just imagine this mess this is gonna make.. so many people trying to squeeze in to that little bitty bank and use the Market at at once..
    I wouldnt count onusing or even put up for sell anything you wouldnt mind losing. The marketplace is gonna be slammed hard.

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    reason it is the only place with a stable location most mmos have you run every were and use a bank. what there doing is cutting the cost of adding in more then one place which takes up space this will cut down on the number of thiefs of items and thief company trying to make money in a game like this place hear from another game
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    Great another thing that forces me to travel to the piece of shit known as london.
    Honestly putting the trading post in the one zone with the most memory leak is absolutely idiotic, I dare not think how many crashes it will take me to get from the subway to the bank with xxx people in the same zone.

    I can only hope that funcom had the wits to stabilize london during this patch, though i doubt it.

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    screw london, i want it all in seoul. quit being anti dragon FC. quit being pro-temp.

    i mean think about it. most temp's have the world buff, they get to buy pvp/nw gear and visit the bank w/o having to leave their hub. make it so for the other 2 factions too !!!!!

    /as you can see i dont like london.
    //i also dont like illumi either.
    ///i really hate temp's.

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    The terrible performance of London is really something they need to look at. I actively choose not to visit the bank or any of the other locations because I simply can't stand the lag. I only go to London at the end of the night because it's just too tedious to take 10 minutes out of playing to go lag your way to the bank.

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    I really don't understand FC's choice of this...why don't they just add vendors in each of the capitals? I personally don't want to HAVE to conduct business in enemy territory. Kind of ruins the whole point of there being factions at all...instead we are all supposed to be one big happy family it seems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorender View Post
    I can't even imagine how ridiculous the bank is going to look tonight, with 400 players in a 20x20 room. haha...
    Guess there's a good opportunity to research faction balance

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