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    I would love for someone to give me a nice build with AR/Blade. I only play solo and is quite new with gaming. So something thats easy and good

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    I used the AR/Blade survival builds at TSWGuides as a reference, worked like charm when soloing.

    Here is the link:
    Melanie "Merelain" Lawson - Healer
    Meredith "Merebel" Lawson - Tank

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    Yesterday I had a lot of fun with a Rifle/Blades build (finished Main Story questline).

    Obviously it is not "easy" to get. Lots of outer wheel abilities as well as passives from the Shotgun and Misc wedge of the circle.

    Though I think some of this can be achieved with inner wheel ("easy") abilities, and give an idea about how this works.

    The core should be do-able with just inner wheel stuff

    Elite Blade: AOE Impair -- or "Blade Torrent" for AOE builder w/ aggro
    Blade: melee resource builder attack (single)
    Blade: melee consumer attack (single)
    Rifle: ranged consumer (single)
    Rifle: ranged builder
    Blade: Self Defense Buff w/ heal from passives
    Some other heal..?

    Elite Blade: "Fluid Defenses"
    Blade: "Immortal Spirit" (Penetrating hit -> trigger self heal)
    Blade: "Regeneration" improve Self Buff w/ heal

    I use rifle do add range to blades! and not for its healing (blades covers healing itself)!

    When progressing into the outer wheel you can switch abilities like this:

    Rifle: switch ranged builder to "Suppression" (ranged AOE builder)
    Blade: switch single target melee abilities to "Matador" (builder) and "Brandish" (consumer) for tanking prowess.
    The "Other Heal" can come the Misc wedges of the circle: "Turn the Tables"
    As Rifle consumer I use "Transfuse Anima", not too bad damage, 4 sec cooldown, and adds a small ammount of healing.

    For passive abilities you should take "Brandish Support", and then stuff that improves your penetration rating or just glyph your gear for high penetration.

    For Talismans I use a Healing Talisman as the Head slot ("Immortal Spirit" and "Regeneration" will be much stronger than with no Heal Rating), a Minor Talisman for health, and everything else is damage. If you have several green Talismans you can skipp the health talisman (you'll have plenty anyways).

    Note: When tanking for a group I switched "Immortal Spirit" to "Agitator", worked well enough for Solomon Islands.

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    For a beginnner build, I would aim for something like this:

    1. Anima Shot
    2. Fire At Will
    3. Blade Torrent
    4. Mental Discipline
    5. Stunning Swirl
    6. Dancing Blade
    7. Shot of Anima (only skill in the outer ring in this lineup, and it's a 9pt one at that)

    1. Anima Boost
    2. Perfect Storm
    3. Regeneration
    4. Sharp Blades
    5. Eagle Eye
    6. Lick Your Wounds (1pt Fist passive)
    7. Dark Potency (takes 5pts into Blood to get this one)

    This build has a ton of survivability while also being able to take down just about everything the first 2 zones can throw at you. You should have all of these abilities well before you are even done with Kingsmouth.

    Just a sample build using cheap AR/Blades, but it also comes with a ton of room for advancement while keeping the same basic playstyle.

    Build with Blade Torrent, Finish with Fire At Will and Dancing Blade. Stunning Swirl is there for an aoe impair, or an escape ability. Use Mental Disc when you get into a rough spot or need to finish off a boss mob. Use Anima Shot and Shot of Anima as needed.

    Very basic passives: 10% damage bonus to each weapon (Sharp Blades and Eagle Eye), Heal on hit (Lick Your Wounds), Affliction (Perfect Storm), Penetration bonus (Dark Potency), and round it all out with a really nice HoT attached to your Mental Disc.

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    I must thank you for the help. Now i am much more powerful
    Blade torrent and Lick my wounds helped alot!
    Filling up the outer rings now, what is a must?

    Thank god for helpful people (im a noob at this kind of gaming), but i am completely hooked in this game.


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