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Thread: Stat Caps and Stat Distribution

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    Smile Stat Caps and Stat Distribution

    Hello fellow gamers.

    I would like to build a Sticky on what we know so far on Caps for certain stats and suggestions for distribution depending on spec.
    I frequent the forums but have yet to see a concise list or a work in progress covering this topic.
    If any of you Math buffs out there would be so kind to share what you have discovered or use this thread as a think tank I would greatly appreciate it and so would a lot of us without the knowledge to work it out.

    For example currently I am switching between a multitude of Ele/X variants depending on fight/encounter.
    I am aware of the supposed hit bug with negative results pushing it too high, but in general I am talking about Penetration , Crit rating, Crit power and the likes.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Many thanks
    Bolimar (Templar)

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    Thanks for the crit rating link. Heres hoping someone else can find info on the other Stats.

    bump before bed...

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