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Thread: Things I wish I'd known... (redux)

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    Things I wish I'd known... (redux)

    My original thread got too big to fit into one post. Going to recreate it here and hope that I can get an assist to sticky this one in place of the original.

    1. Dialogue topic choices are more than one line. If you're talking to an NPC, keep clicking on the topic until it turns to a green check mark. Some of the best writing is in those extra bits of voiceover.
    2. When hunting for lore bits, don't forget to look up. Not everything is at ground level.
    3. There is a demon in the Hatian Market in London who sells tacos. These tacos (at 100 PAX each) buff your out-of-combat healing rate, thus allowing you to return into combat more quickly. (Credit: Trobed)
    4. After the 1.1 patch, you can disassemble a Taco into Nachos, which reduces the casting time, but provides a lower health benefit per bite.
    5. Logging out - There are 3 ways. 1) Menu in the upper left - Exit 2) Press ESC (sometimes 2 or 3 times) then choose Exit Game or 3) /camp - for those of us who like our keyboards
    6. Using methods 1 or 3 of the logout hint above will take you back to the character selection screen rather than all the way out of the game.
    7. If you accidentally sell something, use the "Buyback" button on the Sell tab to recover your item. You can keep clicking on "Buyback" to recover accidental sales in reverse order.
    8. Keys F1 through F5 will select members of your group as your "defensive target"
    9. Ctrl-Alt-F to display a frames per second meter on the left edge of your screen.
    10. If you're creating a new character and it keeps telling you the name isn't unique no matter what weird choices you pick, try changing the first or last name. Some names are "reserved" since they belong to special NPCs and such. Unfortunately, the character naming code doesn't tell you about the real problem.

    Inventory Management
    1. You can create new bags to sort your inventory by clicking on the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner of the inventory window.
    2. When you create a new bag from your inventory, if you click on the lock button, it stays open when you close the inventory. This is how you can create an "item hotbar" say for your anima potions.
    3. You can also name your new bags by double-clicking on the "New Bag" line.
    4. You can merge Inventory bags to create bigger bags. Drag one full bag on top of another and a new bag will be created with room enough for all the items. It even stays that size if items are subsequently removed.
    5. Inventory has a search function. So if you aren't as anal as I am with all your runes and mats divided out into all sorts of seperate bags labeled by purpose, you can use the search function to find out if you have enough "Wheel Rune" to make the glyph you want to use.
    6. You can single-drop items from a stack. Left-click on the stack. Move the mouse to where you want the item to go and right-click. It will drop one at a time there. This works in the crafting window as well as your inventory.
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    Death & Resurrection
    [credit for much of this to Alainna]
    1. You have to discover new anima wells to be able to use them for resurrection. Discover just means getting close to them.
    2. When you die, you can choose to resurrect at any of the anima wells in the zone that you have already discovered.
    3. Once you resurrect, running back to your body is OPTIONAL. You can just right-click on the anima well and come back to life at that location.
    4. If you choose to go back to your body, once you get back within 14 meters of your body, you'll be able to sense the mobs that are nearby. You can resurrect anywhere within a 14 foot circle, so pick your spot carefully. Don't forget to look behind you!
    5. If your anima well is very close to where your body is, it is possible to get back and resurrect BEFORE the mobs have cleared their hate for you. Take your time or else you're going to come back at 1/2 life with the mobs chasing you down to kill you again. And since they did it once...
    6. You can die on purpose using the /reset command. Then you can select any discovered anima well in the zone. Even that one all the way across on the other end of the zone!

    Loot & Items
    1. Quick looting - be in range of the loot icon, press v. Everything from the mob will automatically be added to your inventory.
    2. While weapons may drop for you, the chances of them being the one you were hoping for are slim. So don't wait for that Blood Focus to drop, figure out a way to get one.
    3. Once you've selected your first weapon and you're about to leave to meet your primary contact in your faction, turn around and go back into the training area. You can pick up the other 8 weapons. You won't get the AP/SP rewards, but you can at least equip yourself.
    4. Speaking of starting weapons, make sure you get Boone's quest right as you enter Kingsmouth. The final reward in that quest line is a weapon once you reach the police station in Kingsmouth. My tactic has been to use that for my 2nd weapon.
    5. If you forget to get the starter weapons before you hit Kingsmouth town, you could also just buy one from a vendor in the station. They only cost 100 coins; so your first loot drop or two probably covered the cost.
    6. As gear progresses in tiers/Colors (Green / Blue / Purple), it tends to become more specialized. However, keep in mind that if that Blue weapon has a glyph in it that buffs Physical Defense and your build focuses on Critical, you can just build a crit power / damage glyph and replace it on the weapon.
    7. You can preview the clothes from the clothing vendors in places like Pangea. The button should be obvious, but it's surprising how many people manage to miss it!
    8. If you want to link an item to chat (say to show off that new purple you got from the dungeon last night), ctrl-right-click on the item.
    9. The Council of Venice has some guys in snazzy white suits and blue berets who will trade those Sequins of Solomon Island for weapons, glyphs, and other gear. They are in every zone, though, and there is a QL cap per zone. So if you can use QL 5 weapons, don't buy a QL 4 just because you found the vendor. Go find the vendor in the next zone to help you out!

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    Anima and Skill Points
    1. Spending AP is going to be a long term topic and will result in much theorycrafting and chest beating about the "best way" to do it. Simply know that at the early stages, it's kind of hard to really gimp yourself to the point of needing a re-roll.
    2. Spending SP on the other hand should have more thought put into it. Since you only get one SP for every 3 AP, the time spent in acquiring them is higher, therefore think before dumping them into stuff you don't really care about.
    3. Don't forget to spend SP on your Talisman skills! First, levelling your talismans are going to be important to your gear progression. Second, the bonuses for each point spent on Talismans are greater than the incremental bonuses on weapon skills.
    4. If you do decide to bank SP, realize that there is a hard cap of 40. Once you reach 40 unspent SP, anything else you earn is going to be wasted.
    5. One way to experiment with abilities is to bank some AP, then go back to your main hub city and go back into the training area. While you're in there, you can spend AP to try out things, then reset them to get back your pool.
    6. You can search the Ability Wheel using the Search panel on the right hand side. Helpful for finding those abilities you've heard of but can't seem to find by trial and error.

    Skills - General
    1. While you can always move during combat, there is a "self-snare" applied when using some skills. This is most pronounced with ranged skills, although magic skills also have some. Melee does not. So if you want to move quickly in combat, use melee skills.
    2. The b key brings up the ingame browser window. Handy when you're looking for hints on some of the puzzle quests.
    3. If you have a Ground Target Area of Effect (GTAoE) skill, you can use CTRL-[hotkey#] to target the ground under the feet of your current target. If the target moves, your attack is still centered on the position they were when you fired the attack, though.
    4. Related to the previous, pressing CTRL-SHIFT will toggle the "GTAoE centered on target" behavior. This means that once the "Use my target's location" functionality is toggled, you won't have to use the CTRL-[hotkey], it will automatically work that way until you toggle it off again.
    5. If you have a defensive target other than yourself, holding down the ALT key will switch your defensive target to you temporarily. This is especially useful when spec'd as a healer as you can be healing your tank, switch to heal yourself, then back to the tank without having to click on different targets. (Credit: RpTheHotrod)
    6. Everyone can actively dodge an attack. To do so, double-tap your movement key and you will flip / roll in that direction. For example, double-tap the 'S' key and you'll backflip quickly away from wherever you're facing. This comes in handy when you see that mob building for a big AoE attack. Often dodging is the differnece between cakewalking through an encounter and ending up at the anima well grumbling about how impossible those mobs are to kill. (I'm looking at you Blue Mountain Ak'abs!)
    7. You can sprint by pressing the 'x' button. As you gain influence in your faction, you'll gain access to the Mobilisation Specialization vendor in your hub city who will sell you speed upgrades for your sprinting. They aren't cheap, though so save your PAX if you're getting close to a new faction level where this is a benefit.

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    Quests & Zones
    1. Don't use the Police Station as your "first quest hub". Pick a quest line, follow it to the end. Once you get to the end, there's usually a new starter for a new quest line nearby. Eventually you'll end up looping back to the station, and then you can pick up a new quest line to start.
    2. Based on the early experience, the main zones seem to be gated on your gear level. It's not a "hard gate". You can go to a zone without having the recommended gear level. For instance, once most of your gear is about QL 3, you're probably ready to move to the Savage Coast. You could go there with QL 1 gear. You'd just get your arse handed to you in a baggie.
    3. Related to the above, you don't have to do every quest in a zone to move on. Since you can come back to a zone any time (or if you plan to play an alt at some point), restrain yourself from grabbing every quest you come across. That will give you something to explore once you've played all the way through the main quest lines in the zones.
    4. If you come across a mission you can't pick up at the moment (because of limits), remember that you can add your own markers onto the map; so you can note the location of the mission so that you can come back to it later.
    5. Some "hard" or even "very hard" missions aren't necessarily too difficult to complete. Many missions don't have any killing required. So the mission may be ranked "hard" because the mobs around the thing you have to find would be difficult for you to kill. If you're good at sneaking past them, avoiding aggro, etc. however they can be worth the risk in the bonus xp you get for finishing them.

    1. Base Materials have to be refined to be useful. Put a stack of them (5+) in your crafting window and hit "Assemble" to get an Imperfect material.
    2. Note! We said "5+", you can put a stack of 22 Base Materials into the crafting window and keep clicking Assemble. It will refine materials until the stack size is less than the required 5. In this example, you'd get 4 Imperfect materials and have 2 Base materials left over. (credit: Frunch)
    3. In addition to disassembling weapons and talismans, you can disassemble Anima potions as well. So when you have collected a bunch of QL 2 healing potions, you may as well disassemble the QL 1 potions.
    4. You can also un-refine materials. If you unrefine an Imperfect material, you get 4 Base materials in exchange. Probably not as useful at the beginning as it may be in later tiers when you have a more advanced mat, but need to create a lower QL item.
    5. You can single-drop mats from a stack. Left-click on the stack. Move the mouse to where you want the item to go and right-click. It will drop one at a time there. This works in the crafting window as well as your inventory.

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    Per Jon's request, stickying this one.

    His original thread is over here: Things I Wish I'd Known... just closed and unsticked now.
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    Possibly good addendums & one correction:

    General #3, Tacos: Tacos can be disassembled into Nachos, if you find the Taco cast time/animation bothersome.

    General #4, Logging Out: Menu->Exit and /camp take you to character select, if you allow the countdown timer to complete.

    General #5, Buyback *correction*: You can find the Buyback button on the Sell tab. It buys back items one at a time, in reverse order (most recent sale first).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonray View Post
    [*]When you create a new bag from your inventory, if you click on the lock button, it stays open when you close the inventory. This is how you can create an "item hotbar" say for your anima potions.
    How do you "create a new bag?"

    My inventory is just one giant blob of slots (120 I think). There are no "bags."

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    If I recall correctly (at work ATM so I can't check), there should be a + icon at the top of your inventory. This lets you create new bags. The lock icon will lock it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vendraen View Post
    How do you "create a new bag?"

    My inventory is just one giant blob of slots (120 I think). There are no "bags."
    Added the note about using the "+" sign in the upper right corner of your inventory window to create new bags for sorting your items.

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