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Thread: Funcom.. cat event or bug in london?

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    Funcom.. cat event or bug in london?

    Today I was in london (grim server) and ran into a huge mob of cats, is there an cat event going on or someone found a cute bug?
    Screeny 1:
    Screeny 2:

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    they are rallying to take over the world!

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    Omg! Some one get a laser pointer! STAT!

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    Move along please....

    *chuckles* No no that is not an example of one instance of the matrix leaking into another.

    Please move along, ..... Nothing of value to see here.
    ~/∆\~ This is not mind control ........
    ......................... Think about it

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    this can't be good.....
    "So after Fire comes snow, and even Dragons have their endings."

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    Did someone put a bowl of cream down or something? Ha!

    This may be a bug but...well...I'm kinda okay with this.

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    Im serious though.. what the heck is going on? SO many cats.. Is there something going on is London we should know about?

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    those cats will keep multiplying in a crazy bloom type effect until they eventually take over london, forcing templars to relocate to the park in new york. its part of the screw with the templars initiative

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