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Thread: The TSW in-game missing mail thread...

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    Exclamation The TSW in-game missing mail thread...

    For a few days now, I am not getting any mail, despite repeated new messages telling me I have received new mail. I talked to a GM, who said that "at this time we are not able to force mail through. We are aware of the problem, it is happening to others and not just you, and we ARE working on this problem".

    So, I am glad they are working on it. I thought it might be helpful to the team if people post here if they are having the same issue... that way once it is resolved, someone from Funcom can come here and update us on the status, and perhaps individually notify us once the problem has been corrected. This seemed preferable to constant petitions by everyone for the same problem.

    Please do treat this as a priority funcom, I have money waiting for me!

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    It appears that you are missing some mail? Based on the information that you have provided I am guessing that this is mail from the marketplace that should contain PAX. When we issued the correction to the marketplace this should have also fixed any missing mails from the system.

    We have had similar reports and found that some players had installed a third party addon that enabled the use of the marketplace before the fix. This addon is now causing issues with some players not being able to see their mail correctly.

    If you currently have the game open at this time please follow these instructions to remove the third party addon and see if it helps.

    1. Close the game client
    2. Remove custom GUI files from TSW installation folder
    3. Run the file 'PatcherSetup.exe' from the root directory in the TSW installation folder

    If you have any other questions about this please feel free to reply to this message. I hope that you have a great day!

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    OK. I do have some third party stuff. I will try and let you know. Thanks!

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    OK. That totally worked. Thank You! You should memo that all in-game GMs should remember to remind players about the third party software and to try removing it to fix problems.

    I totally forgot to try that, and the GM didn't remind me.

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    Thank you for following up with me and I am glad to see that removing the third party add-on corrected this for you. It should be standard practice for our GM's to recommend disabling third party UI elements, however I will see about reminding the group to do so for future cases.

    I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day!

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