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Thread: dps nm dungeon build

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    dps nm dungeon build

    I just started nm and I don't know if ny dps build is living up to its full potential im running with ar/elem could anyone tell me what they use active and passive wise to be as good as they need to be to fully help there nm group....thank you

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    and every passive you can find related to bloodsport-blaze... crit power rating before other stats.

    1 builder, 2 consumer, misdirection, then short fuse / do or die / other utility stuff.

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    Very basic ranged dps build using AR/Ele

    Safety Off
    Three Round Burst
    Do or Die
    Anima Charge
    Short Fuse

    Highly Strung
    Extra Bullet
    Final Fuse
    Live Wire

    That will get you through most dungeons doing at least 1k dps as long as you dps in this rotation:

    Three safety-offs, blaze, two safety-offs, three round burst, one safety off, blaze, etc.

    Sounds complicated? Its not. You want to blow your ele charges every 3 charges no matter what, it sets off the 6 second timer of highly strung. 3 round burst is an amazing finisher, and does roughly the same amount of damage at 4 or 5 charges, so time it with blaze accordingly. Dont waste charges. If you rotate right, you should be blowing 3 round burst at 5 charges the first time, 4 the second, then 5 then 4 etc

    Save Fuse for when the tank hits 10 stacks of escalation. DA and BS should be popped at this time as well. Dont pop it right before the boss teleports away, or gets a shield, or does anything that would waste your buff time.

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    Thanks im going to try your build and rotation our whole group is new to nm but when I pug I don't want to hear it from any elitist that may be in the group

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    misdirection > confuse, really.

    3 dps'er adding 50% of their aggro each to the tank > reducing your aggro .

    Especially once your dps get really high... you can pop wathever cooldown, crit as much as you want, with misdirection active you will not pull aggro.

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    Vlorg can you link me your build ....if you are a dps this is my first mmo so im easily persuaded by what people put in here build wise that's why I get so confused as to what to use

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    my main is tank spec.

    However, if you want some math about misdirection... let's make it simple: all 3 dps are equal, they all do 100 aggro per second..

    for the first 8 second he will gain 400 hate, tank will gain 400 hate.. PER dps.

    so in the first 8 second, each dps get 400 hate while the tank get 1200... meaning that even if the tank do absolutly nothing, he'll have aggro for 16 seconds ( misdirection have a 60s CD).

    now consider you are poping short fuse / breaching shot / wathever along with misdirection, and that the tank is actually spamming his stuff ( and also benefit from short fuse/ misdirection)... he'll have an easy time.

    The best thing about misdirection tho is boss with aggro resets , like Melothat in NM ankh... no stopping dps, you don't even have to slow down your dps... when the aggro reset happen, pop misdirection and keep pew pew'ing. you CANNOT take aggro with misdirection active. you simply can't. (also work on boss pull too... you can start shooting before the tank even hit him once, and you WILL NOT take aggro... assuming atleast 2 dps do it.)

    Also free up a passive slot... you won't have to use subtelty.

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    Nice I think I may use that then and free up a passive spot ....I've been reading slot and ut seems that dps need to have multiple builds and be willing to change up depending on what boss your fighting

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    As far as I know Missdirection is bugged right now and doesn't really work. Apart from that, the Final Fuse-Passive is bugged too, if you pop it with Do or Die you only get +25% (not +50%), If you do the same without the passive, you'll get +40% overall DMG.

    For "Final Fuse" you can put in either Third Degree, Iron Maiden or One in a Chamber. At least on my parses they were pretty even (Third Degree & One in a Chamber slightly better, but I guess since you're just starting nightmares you won't have as high a crit- & penetrationchance as I do).

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    misdirection seems to work fine with my guys. Oh well, bugs come and goes in this game.

    And yes, you'll definatly need multiple specs... the entire point of the ''leveling'' system in TSW is flexibility...

    altho, confuse VS misdirection isn't really the flexiblity we're talking about... more like cleanup for HR last boss, AoE debilitate, the various DPS cooldown mentionned above... perhaps cleansing drone , perhaps impairs...

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