New in school?
Nobody talking to you?
Friendzoned by your crush?
Been in school for months and still douche bait?

Well fear not, Paladonic to the rescue.

Make sure you have this list checked off!

1) Get Bunny slippers.
No-one likes a fool without Bunny slippers.
Not having Bunny slippers is bad and you should feel bad!

2) Join a Cabal.
It's like a gang. Well, it IS a gang.
But it's a gang of people just like you.

3) Leave the damn Cabal if you don't fit in.
A Jock in a nerd gang is just fail fail fail!
A Nerd in a jock gang is worse.
I am in a Cabal that likes Pie, helps noobies and RP's peeing on walls together.
An Arr Pee o' holic will be loved and welcome but won't enjoy the full game. Go find a nice Arr Pee Cabal for the full experience. Only a douchebag Cabal would hold your exit against you!

4) Don't Ninja people's loot!
We will hunt you down. We will find you and we will kill you! Fool.

5) Use your emotes.
/headstand, /moonwalk and /runningman are to be used daily in the correct places.
/Headstand is a compulsory tool for female toons with high boots and hotpants.

6) Top Menu bar for gear management.
Use it or spend your TSW days with your fists raised to the dark heavens!

7) Never use 'lol' in an ArPee Cabal.
You will be killed. Fool.

8) Use 'lol' as often as possible everywhere else.
lol... It makes you sound like an ... but if not, you could sound like a one liner spewing, insensitive douche. lol.

9) Ask questions when you get stuck.
It's not a single player game fool. lol.

10) Help noobies.
Kids sure grow fast these days and you never know who you might want on your friends list when it's time to be trawling those NM's. Clever investment is clever!

Those be my top 10.
What be yours?