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Thread: Digging deeper

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    Thumbs up Digging deeper

    I just wanted to congradulate funcom on achieving the release of Issue #2 digging deeper. I am very excited to try this out...though the delays and repetitive release dates I'm just glad it is out and hope future content comes easy. You live and you learn.

    Feel free to post any comments or suggestions perhaps it will help with the next patch.

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    I thought I'd do a search for a 'thank you' thread today, since the update went through. Found this on page three, with not one comment. I wanted to see if anyone had started a thread of gratitude rather than instant bitching. I've got nothing against bitching threads, especially when there are bugs and whatnot that are genuinely going wrong, but I find it kind of messed up for people to not have even a single word of thanks when they were crying their eyes out and anxious for the update, whether it was ready or not. It's not fanboyish, just good manners and common decency.

    So Funcom, thanks. Maybe I'll like what I get, maybe I won't, but at least you've hooked me up with something more. And I'm still looking forward to your future plans.
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    I noticed that many parts of the game look better, and theres state notifications under the targets HP bars now and tons of other cool stuff!!

    Love it!

    I just hope they manage to sort out the lag spikes
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    Any new unannounced animation updates?

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    i want a dressing gown for update 1.3! Make it so Funcom!

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    Almost off work can't wait to get online! Only have roughly an hour to play till I get home from dinner

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    Thumbs up Thanks

    Thank you very much for this awesome update! I hope you're back on the road again.
    (By the way English isn't my native language! )

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    Patching as I write this. I'm excited.
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    thank you very much, the digging deeper quest was awsome

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