Hi all,

These are exciting times for The Secret World! With issue #2 out the door, issue #3 just around the corner, and issue #4 well underway and on schedule, the team has managed an impressive feat, smoothing out the speed bumps and getting to grips with an ambitious content release schedule.

I'm very proud of what the team has accomplished, and it's been a pleasure and a joy to shepherd The Secret World through these post-launch months -- but the time has come for a change.

As of today, I'm stepping back from my position as senior producer to focus on my role as creative director. At the same time, Joel Bylos, who has been instrumental in bringing The Secret World to life, is taking on his brand new role as game director.

As lead content designer, Joel can take credit for much of what our players love about The Secret World, and I couldn't be happier about leaving the game's direction in his capable (and large, Australian) hands. I know he'll do a bang-up job.

As creative director, I will continue to be involved with the story and universe and overall direction, but I will also take a few steps back and let Joel lead the team and maintain the vision and direction for the game, together with the very talented Scott Junior, who takes over my duties as producer.

For now, I just want you all to know that I've treasured and appreciated my time managing The Secret World. Interacting with you guys -- our passionate and loyal community -- has been a joy and a privilege, and I will continue to be involved on a daily basis. But with a new management team in charge of the game, I'm also finally going to be able to enjoy The Secret World as a fan and a player.

Thanks everyone, and I'll see you in the game!