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Thread: Dec 21st 2012 in the game

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    A *lot* of things are going to end Dec 21st. A whole lot of stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nusquam View Post
    A *lot* of things are going to end Dec 21st. A whole lot of stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glurin View Post
    Riots are bad, but they're by far not the worst man made disaster that could happen. I mean, a riot would die out when the world doesn't end. (Or, I suppose, it would also die out if the world does end too. ) Open warfare on the other hand, is kinda hard to put a stop to. At least, not without a lot of bloodshed. All it would take is one of the not-so-stable leaders of certain countries believing the 2012 stuff is a sign or something. Throw some nukes in there and you've pretty much got yourself whats called a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    Riots arent bad. Its not even a disaster. Natural. 100% natural, usually an emotional response

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    Cool was mentioned on a live stream with one of the developers

    forgot what stream it was exactly would have to look again but about amonth ago they had one of the devs on it and they said that it would have something to do with the xmas event coming up involving the long count callender thats all the info i heard want to know more lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Citric View Post
    Everything is true.
    Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
    "Nothing is true, everything is permitted." -Vladimir Bartol, Alamut

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaphax View Post
    The zodiac is astronómically wrong (very wrong)

    Just take a look at the chart at the bottom of the page.
    Yes, it is wrong. As in not accurate to astronomy. We all know that, it's why they call it something different and it attempts to predict personalities by birth place and time.

    My point was that it isn't "wrong" within the confines of Western Astrology due to actual facts of Astronomy. Period. They are very different things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy Phurr View Post
    Riots arent bad. Its not even a disaster. Natural. 100% natural, usually an emotional response
    Tell that to London. Or Greece.
    "The man who learns only what others know is as ignorant as if he learns nothing."

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    Merged two threads with a similar discussion about December 21st 2012.
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    15th November is the date of the End of the World as we know it ... and guess what happened on that day?

    Israel started beating the crap out of Hamas (started on 13th but offical declaration on 15th) .. just like it was foretold ... stage 1 complete.

    Stage 2 .. lets see ..

    I don't believe in the End ... merely a huge change in human perception ... War or Peace .. both equally life changing. If you pay attention, you would have noticed that there is something huge brewing ... this shit can't continue unchecked.
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