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Thread: Destroy a Dev Wednesday!

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    Funcom Destroy a Dev Wednesday!

    *posted on behalf of Joel *

    We would like to invite all current TSW subscribers to join us on the Testlive server this Wednesday, the 7th November, to help us test the latest iteration of Fusang and the many changes we have made to the way the PvP system works. This test will be taking place on the Cerberus dimension.

    The time for the test will be 21:00 GMT/ 4pm EST/ 1pm PST

    The primary purpose of this is to test:

    1) The new tick-based reward system
    2) The Underdog Mission
    3) The new PvP Vendors

    Remember - you’ll need to reach the Sheriff’s Office in Kingsmouth before you can join us in PvP. I’ll be there, along with the entire devteam (except for a few mangy souls who claim to have “work” to do).

    You can read more about the updates here.

    You can learn how to get on testlive here.

    To sweeten the deal, we’ll be throwing in a reward – something that you can use in the Live game as well! But I won’t be saying exactly what, because, well…you know...

    So join us! I’ll be the guy using Red Mist from 30 metres and then running like a coward.


    PS.- For those of you who are unable to join us for this Wednesday of Destruction, we'll have a Livestream going during the slaughter! Stay tuned for more details and a link to the stream.

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    Due to technical issues with log in, we have decided to postpone today's live stream. We will attempt to do this again later in the week so please check back for more details!

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