Hello Community!

As everyone is aware we went out with some big changes to Fusang yesterday. We are very excited to see the amount of people participating. This morning we implemented the Fusang battlegroup merge to attempt to maximize the population in each map and make sure the factions are balanced properly.

Unfortunately our efforts to ensure that the losing faction has a chance to come back did not work as well as we expected. We will be implementing some changes next week to make sure that the Underdog faction is able to participate in the faction conflict.

The rewards are also currently too high for a faction that owns a vast majority of the map. We will be reducing the rewards immediately until we can put a proper cap in next week. In addition we are limiting the max amount of White Marks a player can have on them to 1500. If you have more than that amount it will not remove them from your inventory. You can leave Fusang, cash them into Black Marks, and come back into the fight.