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Thread: El Dorado Sunday (02.12.2012)

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    Exclamation El Dorado Sunday (02.12.2012)

    Since we have successfully established that El Dorado works, now we just need to gather 30 players again. To that extent, on the upcoming Sunday (02.12.2012), I invite everyone to queue for El Dorado instead of Stonehenge (and instead of Fusang, if anyone's still playing it).

    Queuing for the whole day is encouraged, but, in case you don't have enough time/patience to sit in a queue for the whole day, you are welcome to queue for a couple hours starting 18:00 UTC.

    To ensure you aren't bored while queuing, remember there is a whole range of PvE activities to do, namely: farming, lairs, NMs, raid. Be warned, though, if El Dorado pops while you are in a Nightmare dungeon and you accept, after the match you will end up locked out outside of the dungeon. But hey, who cares about NMs when ED's working?

    Also remember that, if you are queuing as a group, if a member of your group changes zone - he is no longer queued (albeit he will still see the icon). To fix this, your should either re-queue the group or ask the zoned member to rejoin the group.

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    This is an awesome initiative. I will try to get some time for it.

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    I'm in brother Cog.
    When in dire need of directions, ask Templar, do opposite.
    Jericho VILLBASSE Mars
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    Wil be there .. 6pm GMT is a good time to kill.
    Crucible Cabal - Templars - Daemon server

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    Thumbs up

    Great idea Cog, I enjoyed the last ones so yes im in.

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    I ll try and join... probably a tad later than the starting time...

    I have never been able to join 1 ED match ever ...
    No clue on what to expect will be fun
    Make Love(craft), not War(craft) !

    Ha Ha ! I m a PvPer...

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    Count me in, rawr.
    Alexei "Torture" Chertov - Illuminati - ICO

    "Winners don't make excuses when the other side just plays the game"
    - Harvey Specter

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    see you there!
    John "Monger" Doe
    Arcadia Server

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    I'll be there, and I'll twist as many in-Cabal arms as I can.
    The Order of Chaotic Truth

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