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Thread: Dead?

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    Why i don't see much peoples, is this game already dead?
    I tried some pvp but no one was in the zone, where is everyone if everyone mean something for tsw?

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    Depends on where you are at. You're best way to find people is to go to Argatha which is where most hang out and find groups to do things with.

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    Not a lot to go on in your post (don't know when you play etc) but the game is far from dead. I see people around whenever I play and have no trouble finding groups for anything. Admittedly I don't do PvP as I'm simply not interested in it, but PvE seems pretty solid.

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    in the newbie zone well the first zone, this is empty!

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    A week ago, a couple Dimensions were essentially dead. Now there is actually conversation happening occasionally.

    Since the BTP fiasco, there has been a definite population surge, and I am happy. It usually takes only 5-15 min to get a group together for a dungeon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheyenne View Post
    in the newbie zone well the first zone, this is empty!
    Don't worry too much about it. I was there about 2 hours ago helping some of the newbies to our cabal and there were still some folks there.

    What you are running into is the gap of people in between stories. Some are where you are, but might not be playing at the moment. Others are just ahead of you or just behind you. Give it some time and you'll find them.

    You can also chat out to folks in the General chat (type /general message to do so) or your faction channel ( type /illuminati message to do so) and I'm sure you'll find folks and maybe also be able to start a group if you want.

    If you just want to confirm that there are more than just NPCs around you and you are in the first area, go back to Aragatha which you passed through to get to Kingsmouth. There are sure to be folks there to assure you they exist.

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    Just running around the starting zone atm.

    2 people near the entrance
    1 doing first quest
    10 at sheriffs
    3 killing zombies between there and church
    4 at church
    2 more outside killing zombies or standing around

    So that's 22 people at least and I've only covered a small part of the zone.

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    One of the weaknesses of this generally excellent game is that it provides players with relatively little incentive to create alts. This means that starter zones will, in general, be a little less populated than you might be expecting. This point in time may be something of an exception to that as the business model change attracts new players, but it's something to consider.

    Don't read too much into it, if that's what you encounter: it doesn't mean people aren't around, it just means they're more concentrated around the end-game zones and content than is normal for a game with this level of activity.

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    not to mention the chances are you loaded into a new instance with few people in it (the game wants the world to feel a little empty, that's part of the atmosphere)
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    I think the theory was that you were suppose to redo the starting areas for quick AP and SP when you choose a new weapon. That would have kept the lower areas filled with population.

    In practice you earn enough AP/SP just doing every quest once and instances a few times each. I haven't repeated one non instance quest on my new char and I have 4 weapon inner circles filled up and 58 AP and 20 odd SP unspent since I am doing great with the Abilities I have right now.

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