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Thread: Gear required for dungeons normal mode

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    Gear required for dungeons normal mode

    I'm a little confused. Let me explain my doubts.

    I know that, for example, the QL required for Polaris normal is 2-3, and for Hell Raised normal is around 4-5.
    I also suppose that this QL is restricted to green items. But is it true?

    In this case, is it possible to play a normal dungeon just wearing a full set of blue items from the previous dungeon?
    (I mean, a full Polaris normal player with all blue QL 3 items playing Hell Raised.)

    And if yes, can this procedure be applied to a tank? Or the tank needs a better equip than other players?
    In my case, I'm full QL 3 blue with two QL 5 blue: can I tank HR normal?

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    Depending on your healer, you're probably fine. QLX blues are better than QLX+1 greens, statwise- so if you have QL3 blues, you're wearing better than QL4 greens.

    Hope that helps a bit!

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    In short yes. You can do dungeons in blues or greens. Blues give you more specific stats with less overall HP while the greens usually stack 2 sets of stats on each piece. Just be in greeen for the dungeon level or 1 level below in blues and you'll be fine

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    Basically with a good mix of greens from the zone, the dungeon is in and blues from the previous dungeon should do just fine.
    all blue from previous would be even better, but you have to consider that blues only offer one stat, while greens have extra hp on heal and damage items or extra ap on tank items. so for balance you should mix in some tank items, when going all blue as healer or dd, or be very good at dodging area effects.
    bare minimum requirement imho is mostly green from current zone, unless you have someone with better gear in group to compensate.

    for measurement, blue items are about as good as a two level higher green one. (i.e. blue ql3 is about as good as green ql5)
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    For the first 3-4 dungeons, your build will probably matter a lot more than your gear. Since AP is quite a limited ressource at that point (and for most people the main focus at the beginning will be solo play), probably no one will be able to make a perfect build with what they have availaible.

    Also dungeon drops are better than the "minimum required" for next one, so if you do each dungeon 1-2 times before leaving the zone, you'll always be good on that part for the next dungeon.

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