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Thread: Healing, Tank, or DPS for PvE?

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    Healing, Tank, or DPS for PvE?

    What tends to be in shortest supply?

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    Tank or healers, alot of dpsers around.

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    Like most MMO's I've played, you'll rarely be short of a group place as healer.

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    Healers and tanks are in higher demand, but you do not need to pick a role at the start of the game.

    You can easily adjust your build and gear to fill any of the roles. Then hybrid your way through the non-dungeon content.

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    Are you asking because you want to pick the most in demand role to make it easiest to find teams? Because I really think you should pick whichever role you most enjoy. I'm still new so I can't speak to mid or end game content, but my experience so far is that even the least in demand role (DPS) isn't having a much harder time finding teams. If you're going to decide based on what is in demand, base it off of what would most help your friends or cabal-mates.
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    Tanks, then Healers usually. Of course as with anything, it's pretty luck-based and sometimes it's the other way round DPS are ten a penny because they usually try and pass off as much of the work as possible to the other two
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    Yes, tanks and healers are in shorter supply. But I would strongly suggest that you build for at least 2 of the 3 roles by the time you reach end game. Having the flexibility to play all 3 roles makes grouping so much easier. Very often in my cabal, we put together a group and then figure out who will do what roles.

    Gearing up for multiple roles at the same time takes a while, but it's not that bad. It doesn't take very long to assemble a set of gear for each role from drops. I've been doing nightmares as both dps and tank, and have a full set of healing gear just from drops. It's only when you are spending bullion (bullion are earned by killing bosses in nightmare dungeons and from the NY raid) that you'll really feel like it's taking a long time. But it's worth it, if for no other reason than to keep the game fresh when you are running the same content every day.

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