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Thread: LGBT friendly Templar Cabal?

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    LGBT friendly Templar Cabal? (Cerberus)

    So I've been around for a while, playing on and off since release (was one of those GrandMaster accounts) and I've decided to put behind another P2P MMO I had been playing and bring the majority of my MMO gaming here, to TSW.

    I'm looking for an active Templar Cabal (Cerberus shard is where I'm at) that groups, does dungeons, PVP and can have a good time. Maybe even a little RP?

    But most of all, I'm looking for a Cabal that is LGBT friendly. Not necessarily an LGBT exclusive Cabal, but preferably a place where a transgender person can play and be comfortable. I wish I didn't have to make requests like this, but nowadays people require things I'd rather not divulge and even more, they push for voice chat.

    Let me know if your Cabal is right for me.

    My ingame name is the same as it is here on the forums.
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    As far as I am aware, Ohana does not currently have any LGBT active players. (tho since we don't really ask, I could be wrong) However, (1) we have in the past, and (2) we are very clear about our feelings on the topic.

    From our recruitment thread:
    We are very much a guild that stresses tolerance and acceptances of lifestyle differences – the bigoted, narrow-minded, or social crusader trying to change everyone are each likely to not fit well within this community.
    This is our recruitment thread, feel free to read over it.

    However, keep in mind as we are not a "social" guild, and are "aged adults" (is that a proper term?) any type of open relationship discussion or high drama is not likely to fit in well. It doesn't matter if it is straight or LGBT. It just doesn't mesh well. We don't spend time dwelling on our personal relationships. (for example: we don't really care what bobby told sally about what happened last week at McDonalds.. and if she/he really feels that way about him or her)

    However, if what you are looking for is a guild that is non-judging, and un-bigoted. One you can feel comfortable in without feeling like you have to listen to insulting off-hand comments all day.. then we might be a good fit.

    Oh, and here is our Code of Conduct.
    Ohana is an open and accepting group. A plethora of lifestyles, education levels, religious and political views exist within our guild membership. Be respectful of this and eliminate language that suggests intolerance or prejudice (towards whatever world view). To that end, it is probably best to minimize discussion of political or heated social topics unless you are (a) certain the group you are in wants to discuss the topic and (b) certain it can be kept at a "disagreeing without being disagreeable" level.
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    Awesome! I would have responded yesterday but was dealing with a gigantic migraine. I'll head on over to check it out.
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    Oh, yes, however while we do require voice chat, you are not required to speak in voice. You must be able to listen in voice during guild events.

    (edit: Just realized I had that stipulation in the application page already. /facepalm)
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