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Thread: Slow the Advance vs Shellshocker

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    Slow the Advance vs Shellshocker

    Why is a 7 point slow the advance better in every single way, cooldown, range, and damage vs a 50 point shellshocker? and since they are both elite you can't use them both. I think i wasted alot of ap.

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    Because it isn't. Shellshocker can hit different sets of 5 enemies every .3s, can proc signet effects multiple times, and isn't wasted if your targets just happen to die inside the AOE, if there's more than 5 targets.

    If you're just straight-up comparing a slow on only one set of enemies, then yes. Shellshocker is worse. That's why you don't pick shell shocker if there are only 5 beefy enemies instead of multiple rush waves.

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    Shellshocker also refreshes the hinder every channel effect I think, making it an 8 second or so hinder when you account for stacking immunity.

    Also much easier to target and better for oncoming rushes. It's very reliable in Ankh 5 for this reason, whereas Slow the Advance can bounce off sometimes if a zombie doesn't get in the blast or the one hinder it applies bugs out.

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