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Thread: [Formal complaint] Evil roleplayers doing mischief in London

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    [Formal complaint] Evil roleplayers doing mischief in London

    Today at approx 12:40 London time I was accosted by a roleplayer wearing a pumpkin head by the Ealdwic Station. She promptly traded me a Fancy Glass.

    Thinking this was a spontaneous gift by a so-called roleplayer (I am on the Arcadia dimension), I told her to stay and promptly ran to the Bank to withdraw a Quetzal Bird. It would be a fun exchange of gifts and I had the opportunity to delight an unknowing roleplayer. Or so I thought.

    We then shared a glass of the sparkly drink she gave me. "Drink up my friend!" she said.

    But to my horror, I instantly died! The glass was poisoned with cyanide!

    She then taunted me with "not trusting a girl with a pumpkin head". This will then be the lesson to you all. Name and shame here: Evalinda

    Screenshots for proof.

    (no seriously, it was hilarious)
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    You gave a quetzal bird to someone just offering you a drink at random? A cyanide drink?

    You must really like drinks.

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    This is why I always walk around London with my head down. There are some dangerous folk there!

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    Moved this to the right sub-section :P
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    The story was worth it, that's hilarious.
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    Don't they teach you Templars not to accept gifts from the Lumies? Please feel free to accept drinks from the Dragon though. Or decline. Either way it's more information for us.
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    She tried to send me an empty trade in Agartha. I canceled it. She said hehe and left.

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    Beware romul,errr, illumanti bearing gifts.
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    If it makes you feel any better....

    I am Illuminati, and I wouldn't do that to you. If you gave me a Quetzal bird just becasuse I gave you something, I would be a heckuva lot nicer than she was. This actually surprised me, because i've seen her in-game and in-chat, and she seemed like a pretty solid player to me, probably just having a few laughs you know. But anyways, long story short, I like pie. :3

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