Alright, firstly, if you don't use steam at all, then this probably won't mean anything at all to you.

If you do use steam, and you used the /me feature in it to roleplay or emote during chat, well, I have some bad news.

Steam recently removed the ability to emote using /me in order to (very lazily) combat a single scam issue. People were using the /me function to mimic system messages for use in scams.

So, instead of simply changing the steam system messages work or giving off a warning or something, the steam developers decided to remove the function entirely, effectively killing any and all roleplay and emoting over steam chat.

For those of you who this does effect, and for those who would like to see it changed, there's a thread on the official steam forums here about it. Additionally, I made a public steam group dedicated to trying to get the function returned.

Not sure how many roleplayers are left on these forums (there was a pretty huge batch of them a while back but I've not been too active of late) but for those of you interested, there you go.