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Thread: Goodbyes like these are never forever.

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    Funcom Goodbyes like these are never forever.

    Don’t be dismayed at good-byes...

    A farewell is necessary before we can meet again.

    I announced this news to mostly in the company and to the mods, but I have been trying to find a good way to break it to my beloved community. There have been some changes due to the restructure.

    Unfortunately, this means I will no longer be working for Funcom as your Community Coordinator after March 15th, 2013. Just being here for 1 amazing year and some change, it is time to step off the crazy train. The news was a big surprise, but your fearless Warlord Yarruka never fears a new challenges.

    Chin up, my friends. I will be fine. Life is a huge adventure.

    All the awesome events we had in the fall will never be forgotten. Hiding around random places in “The Secret World” was the most fun I had in a game. It was a huge blast to see some of you “almost” find me, but skip the one tree I was behind. Hehehehe.

    Dungeon Wars was my first big event I tried running for the dungeon crawlers, and it was a major hit. I was hoping to run more in the near future, but things just got in the way. I'm very happy to see all of you so excited to run dungeons again, and to see newcomers ready to try the challenge. Even if you were under geared for the Dungeon, you still had fun trying to complete the fastest time.

    With all these event I have done and helped out with, you guys have totally got this. I have never seen such an awesome community that loves to get together in-game and party all night. What I always missed about other MMOs in my lifetime. Everyone in the TSW community knows how to have a good time in The Horned God.

    I Plan to stay around in TSW as a normal player and show my face around The Horned God in my fuzzy bunny slippers and trench coat. My amazing Yarruka powers to teleport will no longer be with me. Being a huge dungeon crawler fan, I am always down to go run a few with the community when I am still around though. Go Dragons!!!

    What does this mean for the community? Well, now you will want to PM Effiluna or Tarib for community related questions and concerns. Unfortunately, this does mean “Yarruka's Dungeon Wars” will no longer be running, but doesn't mean you can't test yourself against others. Twitch.TV is an awesome place to shine, and share your times for others to compete with. You still have the support of a very awesome community team, developers, producers, and designers who are always there for you guys.

    Any who, you guys will be just as amazing without Morteia and myself. We will still be around as you, the community, now. Think of us as the awesome gamers we are, but without the superpowers anymore. Also, don't be shy to message me on the forums if you need a hot beverage and someone talk about issues with. We'll only have tea and hot chocolate now, though.

    So, come in here for a group hug. We are all still buddies.


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    Oh no Yarruka not you too! *takes a deep breath* Well I think our time has come now. You and Morteia have shown us how to do it, and now we gotta stay strong and stick together. Member of the TSW community and proud.

    So how about a drink in the Horned God?
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    You guys are an extremely amazing community to be around. You got this! Plus, I will be around in TSW and the forums to see how my friends are doing.

    Also, I would be happy to get a drink or two at The Horned God. lol

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    Hate to hear this news man but I got good news for you!

    You sir are now obligated to join me and AIE in some dungeons and general shinanagins as well as come on the Lair podcast and chat it up in the near future.
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    You too!
    What is happening to the World?
    This is sad, sad news we will certainly miss you. Wish you good luck and fortune in the future.
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    Two great people that have to leave(With probably more on the background). I wish you the best of luck in the future!

    I personally loved the hide'n'seek event during halloween. It was pure awesomess! You did a great job and thank you for it. Hopefully you will stick around

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    Of course! I can't turn my back on my fellow Dragons

    Will probably start fresh with a character once things calm down and have a blast with you guys.

    Might let you all know my character name too...As long as we all don't crash the server when all of us are in one place. hehehe!

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    Best of luck to both of you. Do yourselves a favor, stay out of Sales and/or Support , they seem to be the first places the bean counters like to cut back.

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    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not another one!

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    Darnit, Yarruka, now who is going to go hide for us?

    Best of luck, man. I'm sure your energy and creativity will take you far!

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