It has been incredible to see how the community has responded to our ‘Get your Music in the Game’ competition. Music has been pouring in from people all over the world, frankly much more than we expected, and filling our mailboxes and hard drives.

We have received well over three hundred submissions of music, many of them containing numerous songs.

The winning music from our great contestants will be put into The Secret World for Issue #7. The winning songs will be able to be heard on radios in The Secret World where their theme and genre fit with the surroundings – Places such as The Raven’s Knock and Susie’s Diner in Kingsmouth, PC Bang in Seoul and the new nightclub The Crusades in London.

We had initially settled on having five winners, but could not for the life of us narrow it down beyond eleven. Here is the full list of the winners, and the names of the chosen songs:

  • Thumpermonkey - When Scouts Go Bad
  • Sebastian G. - Deeper
  • Noise Angel – Motivation Cody
  • Leitbur - Think Of Tomorrow
  • Bright September - I'll be the death of you
  • Fain - Save Me
  • Sugar Monkey - The Ice Cream Fox
  • Les Moustaches - Bad Boy
  • Clyde "Nef" Shorey & Amy "Ameliah" Sweet - The Zombie Stare
  • Quadraphonic Sound Project - Chasing Ghosts
  • Gry Rudshagen (Achy) - Fire Inside, The Queen and Thousands Thoughts Deep