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Thread: [Illuminati] In a dead cabal? Casual Player? Got 10.4 gear? Sign up!

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    [Illuminati] In a dead cabal? Casual Player? Got 10.4 gear? Sign up!

    Hey there guys.

    To explain why I am starting this thread, I see myself as a casual player and am in a dead cabal. Which means I don't want to be tied spending every day with a fixed 5-man team farming NM and NY raid (maybe you seen me pug in Agartha).

    I did notice however that a lot of players are in small dead cabals like me. So here's the deal. I want to check if there are enough 10.4+ players around I can build a cabal with, who can play flexible roles (I myself am a 10.4 tank/dps).

    This in NO WAY is intended as an elitist cabal, although I understand the requirements might seem high for some. But the gear can be farmed through PVP. It's just 10.4s have a higher chance to play flexible (multiple roles).

    I didn't really come up with a name yet, maybe "WildC.A.T.s"? Never been a president before, this should be for casual gameplay on-the-fly, so I am checking the numbers first. Not enough response and this thread will close.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________

    - Need to have farmed 1 role with 10.4/10.4 either via PVP/PVE (pref. tank/heal),
    - Multi-Dimensional, with a focus on on-the-fly teamage without too much fuss,
    - No obliged NM/NY/lairs, organic teambuilding (so we need flexible players),
    - Mature behaviour, no drama, no BS, start a fight, you solve it or get kicked,
    - Although the requirements are high, NO ELITISTs who act like asshats.

    If you do not fall in the category of 10.4/10.4 or higher you need to have at least 2 roles you can play, usable for NM dungeons. This means 10.2+ DPS/heals, 10.2+DPS/tank or 10.2+heals/tank. We could make an exception for healtanks

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________

    - The idea is that as a casual player you are not bound to team every day,
    - PVP/PVE requires exp. geared players for smooth fast playthrough,
    - No fixed teams, multiple roles can make teams on-the-fly,
    - Should work for NM, NY, Lairs, Eldorado and Fusang.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________

    Leave your comments below, if you are interested, you can contact me ingame and I'll put your name on the list to see if we can gather decent numbers.

    VoIP can be arranged, first want to see if more lost players like me are around.
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    __________________________________________________ _________________________________


    EDIT: Added additional rules to cope for people not 10.4 yet.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________
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    I'm okay with a cabal like this. Too bad I don't fit the requirements.

    I like the idea of running dungeons with a bunch of people who can actually complete them but not actually having someone quit because you wipe once or twice. There's too much of the extreme. Either there's awesome casual people who take an hour to complete one dungeon or there's a bunch of sobs that quit because someone had 100 less dps than they want.

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    Totally agree.

    For NM I must say a lot of times spamming in Agartha works OK, however in PVP and NY you just fall flat on your back if you don't have a decent raid.

    Let's wait and see..
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    I'd be interested in something like this, Sadly, I don't have ALL 10.4 gear yet, although I do have my full custom DPS set, most of it is upgraded to 10.2-10.3, aside from weapons (just working on upgrading my glyphs to 10.4 before I waste BB on weapons), and all but 3 pieces of my custom Healing set. (I'm also working on fleshing out a Leech Healing set) BUT I've 6/6'd all of the NMs except SH, and I've MP'd all but Fac, Anhk, HF, and SH.
    I learn pretty fast and don't make it so people have hold my hand and carry me though a dungeon.
    I would of had all of my gear by now, but I took a 3 month break and now it's getting really hard spamming Agartha for hours a day trying to find a group or people that will come with me unless I have 4k AR/HR, regardless if I have experience.

    My in-game name is Dalliah, if you want to get a hold of me and run some stuff to test me out.

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    __________________________________________________ _________________________________

    Hi there,

    Well, like i said, the 10.4 gear requirement can be looked past IF you have the knowledge and gear to be a flexible player, that's more important. Without multiple roles you have no extra value for stuff like NY, lairs or PVP.

    As I see it, you can find all the DPS 10.4/5 on LFG or Agartha, but not many have the means to play tank or healer. And the flexibility won't work without.

    This is a hard request, because I have teamed with 10.2/3s who joined NY raid and failed horribly and I teamed with 10.2/3s who joined NY raid and shined. With so many 10.4 DPS around, it's easier to get 10.4s who do 2k+ damage.

    You can't really see from the gear QL what exp a player has, that's why I initially said 10.4. They normally can switch to the roles or damagebuffs you need.

    Seeing you are working on your leechheal build, you're on the list and well see how many others are interested in the idea. I changed the requirements.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________
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    I'd also be very interested in this. I'm in a similar situation like you, was in a Dead Cabal, left in order to join an active one, but can't find anything yet (I'm from EU, and most are US-based). I have 4k rDPS gear (as of now, .4/.4 Head and Major Talismans, .2/.2 on everything else, but working on it). Also, have Healing and Tanking gears good enough for every NM (Healed everything but Facility, Tanked 18/18 and HE multiple times).

    I'll try to catch you in game as well.

    My nickname is Arctosa.

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    Not much response thusfar..

    Well see if more peeps respond

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rumeyes View Post

    This in NO WAY is intended as an elitist cabal, although I understand the requirements might seem high for some.
    Considering your main requirement is end-game gear, by definition, you want to form an elitist cabal. And there's nothing wrong with that, TBH. No need to excuse it or rationalize it.

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    It's really thoughtful of you trying to do something like this, but I have a few questions:
    No obliged NM/NY farm, organic teambuilding (so we need flexible players)
    What's the point being in this cabal then? Why not just play solo and pug?
    No fixed teams, multiple roles can make teams on-the-fly
    Again: what's the point being in a cabal? Everybody logs in at different times, so no one is gonna wait for anyone. They'll just pug. Just saying.
    3. I'm a ~10.5/10.4 dps, 10.4/10.4 tank, 10.4/10.4 leech healer and there's nothing left for me to do besides lairs farming. I didn't see it mentioned anywhere in your post.

    I really like your idea, but I think it needs some tweaking to work out. I'm looking for a cabal myself, but I want to do lairs at least twice a week, because as I mentioned there's nothing left for me to do.

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