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Thread: Deck Outfits!

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    Deck Outfits!

    So I've been looking around at deck outfits, and people wearing them.

    I've noticed that not many people where outfits that have been unlocked by unlocking the deck. Why is this?

    I've also noticed that Illuminati have some really bland looking ones, whereas Templar and Dragon have some nifty looking ones that are bit flashy and interesting, like Assassin, Magus, Executioner and Warlock specifically. I guess Illums have Mercenary and Necromancer, though.

    What are some people's favorite deck outfits to strut in?

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    Warlock is one of my absolute favorites:
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    Here's my take on wearing the pre-rolled deck outfits -- they're pretty common among end game level players, but you do see people wearing the first one they earned since it's a pretty decent achievement (particularly the ones from the advanced group). The best of them all is the Panoptic Core (sp?) one you get for completing the entire ability wheel. I call it my "Tron" suit and it looks pretty good, but when you pair it with an oddball hat, like the "Party Hat" that was sold from the End of Days vendor, or the Princess Tiara, or the Jack O'Lantern punkin' head, it raises the "Tron" suit to a whole new level.

    Also: re - deck outfits and Dragons...

    I got my Indiana Jones fedora on Sunday after playing the missions the second time (hat is 45 marks) and it looks a little out of place without all of the other items in the set (jacket, shirt, pants, boots which add up to 115 additional marks) so I used the Dragon "Maverick" deck outfit with the Indy fedora as a place-holder in preparation for earning enough marks for the full suit. It looks pretty good since it has a brown jacket (a little longer than the leather jacket from the set), some khaki pieces and dark boots.

    The only thing that is a bit out of place for an Indiana Jones style look is the strapped leg holster, but it will have to do since it will take a while longer to earn enough marks to buy the full Indy suit.

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    Maverick, Polariser, Haruspex, Commando, Enforcer, Champion, Cage Master, Punisher and Trickster are all starter decks composed of inner ring abilities. They are open to anyone regardless of faction.
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    Yeah Maverick and Cage Master both FTW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyranth View Post
    I've noticed that not many people where outfits that have been unlocked by unlocking the deck. Why is this?
    Because there are many outfits and even more combinations available.

    The deck outfits are "uniforms" which means that you can change nothing on them except hat or face items. I think many people also want to look differently from all others. If you wear a uniform you look, well, uniformly.
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    I really like the Templar Executioner outfit. Plus you get a cool free pair of sunglasses with it

    Generally though, people don't wear them because of their lack of customisation options. I'd like some of the uniforms a lot more if they came as infividual pieces that you could mix and match, but seeing as how they're free you can't really complain.

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    Uhm, sure you can complain and it's actually quite reasonable to do so, regarding Deck suits. They definitely should be broken down to more pieces and other than obscure tech reasons which other titles have surpassed, I don't see why they are not. I've heard people on these Forums claim it would change their views on TSW or the Decks or their Factions.. Or break their immersion or... I don't know, I've heard a lot of strange stuff from a lot of people concerning clothes and why our customization options should be kept at a minimum. N/M..
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    I run with the Grifter outfit on my chaos tank. Thus far it's the most appropriate costume for my character and considering I use non of the abilities needed to unlock it took a lot of graft to unlock it (ironically so). I'm hoping it looks good with the Indie hat because I do so want a hat for this costume! I also use mountaineering glasses but am considering upgrading those to store bought goggles. Going for the scruffy steampunk archaeologist look and for this Grifter is perfect.
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    I wear the Necromancer outfit quite often.

    Most of the rest of the Illuminati faction deck outfits are too "outlandish" for my tastes.

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