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    tonight we had a pretty annoying bug that kicked me and a teammate out of SH several times a few seconds after it had started; we joined as a 4 man team after queuing in SH and ED simultaneously; the two of us that were kicked were always the same 2 players and had chosen the Healer Buff; just as we ported out of SH to our former playfield our two places were substituted immediately by waiting players..

    what is this crap supposed to be? :/

    //Edit: happened in ED as well
    //Edit2: still happens after reforming group, happens after relogging, happens late in mini after 15 minutes of Fighting~

    thought i'd give tsw-pvp another shot after a couple of month, but there are still the same old unfixed bugs that prolly never get fixed at all and new gamebreaking bugs like this~
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    Its a known bug, but havent seen it in quite some time now /shrug

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