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Thread: Green Gear Only Tournament!

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    Smile Green Gear Only Tournament!

    Hey guys! So I've been asking around about the possibility of a PvP tournament with green gear only, and it seems like there's a fair amount of interest, so I thought I'd just go ahead and organize it. I think it will be a great opportunity for newer PvPers who haven't had a chance to gear up yet to be competitive and for everyone to try out new things.

    Time and Date

    Based on popular vote, June 23rd, 00:00 GMT. Countdown, per request.






    To register either reply to this thread or send me (Amat), Pixal or SlasherMcGirk a message in-game.

    Registration will close one hour before the tournament starts.


    • Bragging rights!
    • 1st - 4th place will get a blue gadget toolkit.
    • 3rd place will get 1 Blue Signet Reward Bag, 600 Bonus Points and 1 million pax.
    • 2rd place will get 2 Blue Signet Reward Bags, 1200 Bonus Points and 2 million pax.
    • 1st place will get 3 Blue Signet Reward Bags, 1600 Bonus Points, a choice of an Astral Fuse or a Criterion Upgrade, 4.5 million pax and their choice of a purple signet of either Security, Serenity, Recursion or Distortion. The signets they don't choose will be randomly raffled off to other participants.
    • The 1st place winner will also receive a unique in-game title: "The Green Knight". (Be aware that this may take quite a while for the devs to implement.)

    Thank you to our generous prize donors: Group W, A Clockwork Blue, Primal Instinct, Rob-Frost, MoriartyYaffle and Jarred. A big thank to Morteia too for arranging prizes. You guys rock.

    General info:

    The tournament will be held in the Seoul fight club to avoid interfering with social activities in London.

    To join the tournament chat channel, type /chat join Greens.

    Green gear only, any QL level--though to be competitive, you'll probably want to be at 10. Green weapons, green talismans, green glyphs, green minor signets. In the interests of fairness, no major signets allowed. (Please see thread for discussion/rationale.) Head and weapon signets are fine. Gadgets are fine--as long as they're green QL 5. Potions are also fine. Karma curios are not. No aux weapons (see discussion below). Participants will be inspected by an organizer immediately prior to combat as well as during combat.

    The organizers will not also be participants.

    Tournament format:

    The tournament will be pools followed by direct elimination. Each participant will fight three bouts against every other player in their pool, and the results from the pools will be used to fill out the tableaux. During direct elimination, again, each pair of players will fight three bouts.

    I'll be using Engarde software to generate the pools and tableaux. I've chosen this software because 1) I'm familiar with it and 2) the pools it generates attempts to keep players from the same "club" (which I'm interpreting as faction rather than cabal, but I'm willing to change to cabal if that makes more sense) from fighting against each other as much as possible. Furthermore, I can post the both the pool results and overall rankings after pools so that it's very transparent why the tableaux is set up the way it is. Plus, a demo version is available online for free (link above) so anyone who wants to can download it and follow along with me. Let me know if you have any suggestions about other software or ways of running the tournament.


    Using gear beyond what it outlined in the General Info section will result in disqualification.

    Combat will start after both participants have been flagged for PvP and jumped to indicate their readiness.

    If players are unable to kill one another within three minutes, that bout will count as a loss for both parties. If this occurs three times during the direct elimination, both players will be eliminated.

    Players will have up to two minutes between bouts to change builds. If you are able to change builds within combat, you are welcome to do so.

    In the event that both participants die, the winner of the bout will be the one who died second. If an organizer judges that the deaths were simultaneous, a rematch will be fought.

    Participants are asked to stay inside the fighting areas. (Painstakingly-drawn map available here) Leaving the areas (i.e. by jumping off the sides) once will result in a warning and twice in disqualification.

    Do not set off the gasoline cans.

    Practice days:

    Before the tournament, there will be two practice days. If you haven't had a chance to do much 1v1, or even if you have and just want to hang out, this will give you a low pressure environment to try out new things. The dates/times for the practice days are:

    Sunday June 9th 17:00 - 19:00 GMT
    Sunday June 16th 17:00 - 19:00 GMT
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    Amat on Arcadia
    I PvP to make friends.

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    Amat if you want to use any signets (including the purples) in the cabal bank as rewards, feel free. I am sure lower geared players may put somethings to good use that we would just sell.

    If you need help from the Cabal just say the word.

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    We had a similar idea, i hope it works out and alot of new ppl get involved, as imo, there needs to be more pvp for the green/blue players (i like to call them turquoise temps, lulz) for a little bit of encouragement, cuz getting 2 skilled in fusang isnt doing it, but thats a whole nuther thread.GL

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    Sounds like fun, I'll be there.

    I should be able to make parts of practice days.

    I like the Seoul fightclub, but then again my "method" is "run away!" often.

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    Thumbs up

    We did a cabal green gear only event and it was a blast. Ours was much less formal, sort of a free for all, but this event looks awesome. Linked post in cabal forums.

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    I'm thinking that this will be an amazing amount of fun, and it will be a great test of build & skill vs bigger & badder Ql's

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    Update: Pixal and I are now co-organizers. Thanks Pixal!
    Amat on Arcadia
    I PvP to make friends.

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    Just here to help Amat out, she's done all the planning and work so far.

    It would be cool if the more active forum readers could help spread word to their cabals, maybe stick a post in cabal forums.

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