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Thread: Gilded Rage Event FAQ

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    Gilded Rage Event FAQ

    Event is over! Let's hope it returns eventually!
    Thanks everybody who helped me complete this FAQ, and to the now dead #GildedEvent channel

    Version française ici (mis à jour)
    Kurz Deutsch FAQ (last year, not updated)

    It's basically a Guardian of Gaia event, except that this time there is only one Guardian, he is golden, and there is no cooldown on the mission.

    Guardian mechanics:
    - He casts Upheaval, 15 meter range AoE centered on him that cannot be interrupted. Attempting to Provoke/Confuse it will make the white lines disappear, but it will still hit people (really annoying). Hits for less than 2k hp.
    - After Upheaval, he casts a Anima Leech, which is shaped like a doughnut (5m range safe zone near him, 25m range), and make him leech off anybody in the AoE. Can (and should) be interrupted with an aggro swap by another tank.
    - His abilities have a 25 sec cooldown.
    - You just need to hit him a couple of times, or heal someone that's hitting him, to get credit. When he dies, you should get a mission that will complete after a couple of seconds. There is no cooldown on that mission. Note that if you die, you'll get the mission upon resurrection.
    - Several people reported that having the three side mission slots full may prevent the event mission from being added.

    Reducing the lag:
    - You can gain substantial FPS by going in the Combat Log tab of your chat, and unsubscribe from all the info about what happens in your vicinity (yep, the game is really logging the actions of 200 people if you let it checked). To unsubscribe, click the little cogwheel in the upper left corner of the chat window, then Subscribe to channel > Combat messages, and uncheck everything you don't want to see any more (especially the "vicinity" options).
    - In the Interface options > Nametags, uncheck the "Vicinity NPCs" and "Vicinity players" options (for the same reason).
    - In the Interface options > HUD, you can uncheck the buffs on the enemy target. 200 ppl applying debuffs at the same time makes their icon move a lot and induce lag. Feel free to tweak the other settings as you need.
    - Once in position, you can go in first-person view (roll the mouse wheel all the way up) and stare at the ground. With pretty much nothing to render, you gain substantial FPS.
    - If it still lags too much for you, you can put every option down to 0 in Video options > Advanced. Note that the default Low settings put things at 1, so going in Advanced and manually putting 0 is required to have the lowest graphics possible. Yes, they are truly ugly, but it'll make your FPS go up by a substantial amount.
    - If you're desperate, you can gain a couple of FPS by using the command /setoption SpellEffectDisplayLevel 4 (use the Tab key to autocomplete). Don't forget to type /setoption SpellEffectDisplayLevel 0 to get the default option back when you do dungeons, as putting 4 will hide the yellow circle of MT (for example). (French players should use /régleroption Spell[yadda yadda], German players no idea).
    - Apparently, deleting the Combat log chat tab completely will slightly improve the performances for some people (a couple of FPS again). You can easily restore it afterwards by clicking the little "+" sign in the top-right corner of the chat window and selecting "Combat Log".
    - Refreshing the UI before a new fight helps getting a couple FPS as well, probably because it cleanse chat history, including Combat Log (see second advice above). Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+F1.
    - You can also gain some FPS by disabling audio system in Audio options > Troubleshooting.
    - Last solution to reduce lag: hide your UI with the Alt+Z key combo. This seems to prevent the (small) UI lag. Note however that it will also hide your ability bar and the boss' castbar, so you need to know what you're doing in order to be able to use it.

    General tactics:
    - If you want to be lazy, equip 3k hp, some leech passive, and go in melee range of him (under his feet). You'll eat every Upheaval, but you'll at least be out of the Leeching doughnut effect. Leechers cast Anima Vessel on him so you'll heal yourself by hitting him. Try to bring a self-heal in case.
    - Contortionist, Sleight of Hand, Plethron Epipens (sold by Apothecaries), Unstoppable Force and Silver Streak can be used to negate the 10s stun of Upheaval (you still take the damage though). Unstoppable Force and Silver Streak must be used before the stun (during the cast), while Sleight of Hand and epipens can break the stun (though epipens have a long cooldown), and Contortionist is automatic. Very useful if you're using the lazy tactic.
    - Assault Rifle has a long enough range to be out of Upheaval and the Anima Leech AoE. Elem and blood have the same range IIRC. So using Rifle from max range is a valid lazy tactic as well.
    - To interrupt the Anima Leech cast, provoke/confuse, mass provoke, Art of War and Raging Volcano all work. Due to the 25 seconds cooldown, I had good results with p/c and AoW (always one or the other off cooldown). Mass Provoke cd is a tad too long.

    General advices:
    - Try to avoid using persistent effects (Crimson Theater, Manifestations, etc), they make everybody lag more (including you). Use single target builders and consumers, it'll be fine (remember that 200 other people are doing the same ).
    - Join the Event channel with the command /chat join Event (or /discussion rejoindre Event, or /chat beitreten Event). When someone says that he saw the GK or the Guardian, befriend him and ask a meet-up from the friend list (if you're afraid of cluttering your friend list, Valyrie's Friend Enhanced has an auto-remove feature for these events). Dimensions fill very fast, so if you see no Guardian when arriving, the dimension of the caller is most likely full, don't hesitate to warn him of this fact.
    (Note that the event channel is used for all events, so keep it warm for Halloween!)
    - If you take aggro unintentionally, don't run away, but stay there and take the beating. When he moves people can't predict his AoEs position any more and die. It's better if only you die than if 50 people are caught by the leeching effect and heal him up to full, isn't it? So stay still and pray Also, slotting Confuse to shake off aggro is a good idea.
    - If you plan to do callouts in the #event channel, consider installing the AutoMU mod, that accepts all meet-ups request automatically! (Note: The people on your ignore list still can't meet-up on you).
    - The event is newbie-friendly, as you just need to hit him (or heal someone hitting him) to get credit. If you haven't unlocked the different areas yet, you can either only participate in the areas you've unlocked, or you can unlock at least one well in each area to be able to meet-up on people being there. How to reach each area:
    » Spoiler You can easily reach Savage Coast from the tunnel south-west of Kingsmouth, and from there reach the Blue Mountain by staying on the same road and cross the map to the north-west corner.
    Scorched Desert is accessible from Agartha (keep going after the Kingsmouth portal). You'll need to run to the north of the Scorched Desert to find the City of the Sun God entrance, which is located between the Sphynx's legs (roughly around 780,1100).
    Besieged Farmlands is accessible from Agartha. You'll need to cross it to the south-west corner (312, 457) to find the tunnel to the Shadowy Forest. You'll then need to cross the Shadowy Forest to the south-west corner to find the tunnel to the Carpathian Fangs.

    - Mission reward bag can drop: Golden Flare guns (but they're prettier than the previous guns ), Golden Glowing Eyes, Golden headphones, Golden bowtie, Shem parts (6 different parts, you need to assemble them to build the Solar metal Shem pet), Fusang guardian pet (Lunar Metal Shem), Blue and green signet bags, 1 or 2 black bullions, and very rarely: 4 bullions, augments, Supernatural Diode, Third Core Capacitor, Astral Fuse, Criterion.
    - Pattern for crafting the Shem: click here (thanks Hatkake)
    - Rewards are independent of the zone in which you kill the Guardian.
    - Kaidan golem is rumored to drop AEGIS gear, but it is highly unlikely, as the bag are most likely the same as it is the exact same golem.
    - Assembling the Golden Shem also rewards the Gilded Rage achievement and the Golden top hat.

    Special outfits:
    - You can buy the Style and Gilt outfit and the Extra Heavy Metal outfit. The Style and Gilt is an exclusive outfit that goes well with the golden top hat and the golden bow tie, while the Extra Heavy Metal is a recolor of the Black Metal outfit.
    - These outfits are however very expensive: 12,000 Funcom points, which is 100€/100$. They were on sale for the duration of the Golden week-end at 1200 Funcom points (10€/10$). Funcom has issued no statement about possible future sales and/or Golden weekends.
    - Note: The account-wide purchase option is actually gender-wide, as with all clothes items in the shop. This means purchasing account-wide only unlocks it on the toons of the same sex than your current toon.

    Guardian positions:
    The Guardians appear on the map (big orange skull).
    - Kingsmouth: on the beach at 390, 190, or near the junkyard at 630, 690, or north-west of the Bead and Breakfast around 600,450.
    - Savage Coast: on the Academy football field at 290, 200, or on the Amusement Park parking at 540, 620, or on the beach around 20, 540.
    - Blue Mountain: In the area north of the Orochi base around 720, 930, or in the water at Azeban Span around 140, 280, or by the abandoned factory around 630, 300.
    - Scorched Desert, behind Hotel Wahid, or in the Flats around 620, 620, or near the Marya encampment entrance around 805, 315 .
    - City of the Sun God: West of the Black Pyramid, or in the bone field around 400, 815, or in the meteorite field around 770, 860.
    - Besieged Farmlands: in the Scarecrow field at 750, 1000, or around the Olaru farm.
    - Shadowy Forest: around 550, 560, or anywhere on the road from the cemetery to the west of Romani Camp (and maybe even further north).
    - Carpathian Fangs: just outside the Pricolesti anima well barn at 485, 855, or in the ghosts village around 700, 750.
    - Kaidan: Allegedly the same spawn points than the Kaidan Anniversary Golem: roaming on the road between Ginpachi park (900, 740) and Yuichi's apartment (850, 530), roaming between the Pachinko place (475, 790) and the subway exit (415, 650), roaming south of Susanoo's Dinner between the Fear Nothing Foundation (430, 500) and the Orochi Plaza (250,500), or roaming around 540, 445.
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    Also spawns just North of Marya Camp South in SD...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Escritores View Post
    Also spawns just North of Marya Camp South in SD...
    Thanks, added, as well as a short guide on how to cross areas to unlock wells and be able to meet-up on people.

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    Thanks for the info. Much as I love my green glowing eyes, I really had my heart set on gold glowing eyes, so I'm definitely going for those.

    Incoming chain runs on all three toons...

    Also, I hope the bags can drop more than one or two BB. Was hoping to get some more gear for my toons, but if it's a random chance for just 1-2 BB, that's gonna be a mighty grind.
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    In Blue Mountain, I just fought him north of the Orochi base / west of the lone house (2nd Freeborn mission) / east of the open-air arena (2nd Freeborn mission). I vaguely remember coordinates - 700, 900?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrPond View Post
    In Blue Mountain, I just fought him north of the Orochi base / west of the lone house (2nd Freeborn mission) / east of the open-air arena (2nd Freeborn mission). I vaguely remember coordinates - 700, 900?
    Added thanks. Since you're unsure of coords, I won't put them for now

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    People were doing him behind the Water Treatment plant in Shadowy Forest (the one you go to with the "Nasties" quest where you loot Orochi boxes 0/3 0/6), which is south of the Romany Camp where you take that quest, go across bridge and follow the road toward the graveyard for "Silver Tongue", if you get to the graveyard, you've gone too far.

    The one time I did him in Scorched Desert, the blue circle was up in the scorpion fields just before you enter Nassir's Marya camp, near those trucks. The scorpions made this a p.i.t.a. location to do him.

    I saw him in Farlands while doing the "Horrors" werewolf quest from Issue 7, i was following the wolf paw prints and the big guy was just hanging out beside the road near the first farm that quest makes you pass.

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    About the rewards, do all the rewards drop in every zone/region of the game or do you have to kill a guardian in a specific zone in order to get, for instance, the left arm piece?

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    All golems are the same one and give you the same bag with the same rewards.

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    I added the first two, thanks. Can you add a bit more details about this one? Near the first farm is a bit vague

    Quote Originally Posted by willySW01 View Post
    I saw him in Farlands while doing the "Horrors" werewolf quest from Issue 7, i was following the wolf paw prints and the big guy was just hanging out beside the road near the first farm that quest makes you pass.

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