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Thread: Aegis System Speculations

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    Aegis System Speculations

    So far we know it is something that will contribute to keep new content fresh, and it will effect PvP, so it is probably related to combat. The name Aegis implies that it is probably a defensive system, a way to avoid or reduce the damage you take. It is probably a bit early to start to speculate but I have a couple of theories and just wondered what others think it might be all about.

    Theory one: Resistance system
    Some kind of resistance system that partly resets gear progression for new zones. So in Tokyo you might need Filth resistance gear to be able to complete the dungeon and the harder missions. In the next zone this might be frost resistance and so on. It is common to reset gear progression in mmos, but this is usually done by increasing the level cap, so it is possible that Funcom might try something different but accomplish the same. The positive side of something like this is that they can add more gear progression without increasing the power of the gear, and without making old gear useless in most of the new content. Still I don't see how this could fit into PvP so it might not be anything like this.

    Theory two: Extending the active dodge system
    Introducing similar abilities you can slot into the Active dodge slot. Active dodge is currently the most interesting and fun defensive ability in my opinion. Expanding and improving on that system might be something that fits the few hints we have received so far. These kind of abilities are very common in recently released action based mmos, so it would make a lot of sense to modernize TSW a bit in this area and offer more options.

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    nonono and no, I've figured it out.. Aegis=shield.. mkay... shielding us.. from the filth.. we are screwed, so they are going to shield us.. like in the Simpsons Movie... DOOOOOOOOOOOme.. yepp, thats it.. i'm sure of it!

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    I have a horrible feeling it will basically be a Resistance system.

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    They've been talking it up as "horizontal progression," which kind of sounds like it's not going to add mechanics at all, but will just be a massively expanded and revamped Achievements system to give people who don't like the gear grind some form of busy work that better fits their style.

    I'm guessing it's something along the lines of SWTOR's Reputation grind system; maybe with Cabal level elements like STO has included in their own similar system. Or maybe it will be some sort of embedded trading card grind like the DOFF system in STO.

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    There are two likely theories for the system. First is that it's simply the passive ability equivalent of the Augment system. This makes a lot of sense because it seems weird to have customizable active abilities but not passives. The second theory is that it's a protection system to help against the filth. Giving us some filth resistance would be very useful, particularly if Tokyo is going to be drowning us in filth damage. I can also see it giving short term resistances (your standard phys/mag protection or even block/def/evade) that have some sort of proc conditions so that healers and DPS can take on particularly nasty bosses.

    There's no reason why the two theories can't both be true of course.
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    One other detail we have -- I think from Nusquam -- is that the system will behave differently in PVP from how it behaves in PVP.

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    We each get a personalised Aigis, who will help us fight the Shadows in the Midnight Hour in Tokyo!

    ... sorry. Really couldn't help that one, ever since I heard the name of the system. :P

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    We know so little about it that any theory is nothing but a guess at this point.

    My hope is that it will be something akin to glyphs in WoW. That is, they modify the functionality of an ability without necessarily making it directly more powerful. Or just something to promote build diversity and potentially open up new options.

    But as for what I think it will be? Haven't got a clue.

    Will be very disappointed if it's just some resistance system, though.
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    I remember Dev. was talking about the system to learn the skills from enemies like vampires and such. People got excited when we heard about it. I hope it's still on going. But I don't know exactly when they were talking about it. I guess it's a year ago or so... So it's probably not linked with aegis system. But I still have hope though!

    Like other people said, some kind of the shield system sounds right. Hopefully it's not just simple shield system like "increasing block rating" or "increasing x amount of HP". I hope it's related with the combat actions somehow. Something like getting a shield in front of myself so I have to face enemies straight. Something tricky things may give the depth to the combat system.

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