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Thread: New auxiliary weapon idea

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    New auxiliary weapon idea

    What do you think about a boombox auxiliary weapon?
    The boombox abilities will be the tunes it plays (i think it should work as channeling abilities), those will be able to buff allies and damage enemies. The player that use it will be like a modern bard.
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    Boombox as weapon, sorry but I don't like the idea so much. Maybe it could play some music (gospel?) to zombies and make them run back to their graves? lol

    I would rather want to turn my pet dogs into "auxiliary" weapons. They could do something more than just being cute, like defending their owner.

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    I always enjoy reading player ideas for auxiliary weapons. Music, of course, has great significance in The Secret World.

    I think combat pets are avoided because of catastrophic ramifications in the Age of Conan, but the Loyal Hound gives a a little combat buff for low-level characters.

    Two of my most favourite missions are with Moose and Danny because you get to build weapons out of modern yet every-day found objects.

    Crappy, though nonetheless deadly weapons.
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    Why not dildo? Provided by Kaoru, enhanced with the best modern magic and so forth.
    Human has so many brains, that it's difficult to expect, that all of them will work fine, especially at the same time.
    Happily, usually there is no need in most part of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allexan View Post
    Why not dildo? Provided by Kaoru, enhanced with the best modern magic and so forth.
    This is The Secret World!
    We have STANDARDS here!
    Such Filth and Perversion will not be tolerated!
    That is just nowhere near horrifying enough to be OUR Filth and Perversion!
    The "Toy" in question will of course be provided by Inbeda!
    Excuse me, I need to go bleach my brain now!

    I never said they were NICE standards..............

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    Quote Originally Posted by MKUltra View Post
    catastrophic ramifications
    That's something I've never heard about. What's so problematic about a pet giving combat support? In TSW, we already have the two dogs at the scrapyard, who will attack golems when given a chance (I exploited this in one or two of the missions there). And then there are the museum beasts that helps in combat, though they are not really pets, they are friendly animals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allexan View Post
    Why not dildo? Provided by Kaoru, enhanced with the best modern magic and so forth.
    First passive ability:
    "Driller: When at least one enemy is within 1 meter, your penetration rating is increased by 200."
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    From memory AOC had issues with the Necromancer pets, including system crashes. Searching out old comments suggest problems along the lines of Necromancer pets dying without reason outside of combat and pets not attacking their targets and getting 'stuck'. It looks like work-arounds have been in place for some time so i guess FC combat pets aren't impossible just perhaps problematic. These technicalities, though, I have no idea of.
    Of course pets cause difficulties in dungeons, but are obviously excluded as a result.

    Sex Magik has been recognised as a powerful force in occult circles since the 19th-century and as such has a place in The Secret World, especially in the wake of St. Valentines Day.
    I see the dildo as just another hammer-skin with which beat opponents with, however animations of autosexual acts used for spell-casting might have more mileage.
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