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Thread: New auxiliary weapon idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by allexan View Post
    Why not dildo? Provided by Kaoru, enhanced with the best modern magic and so forth.
    That is ...not exactly the magic wand I've been thinking of when new aux weapons were discussed so far.
    I seldom mean for my statements to be taken literally. The ensuing discussion when someone does serves to amuse me while I stalk the forums, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by astrus View Post
    That is ...not exactly the magic wand I've been thinking of when new aux weapons were discussed so far.
    Well, they were intending to call "The Horned God" "The Magician's Knob"...

    What better way to recycle an awesome title than dub a giant Dildo with it and make it our next "secret" aux weapon. (Where did he pull that thing out of!?)

    I mean they did it with Starkiller (original Lucas name for Luke Skywalker) and that kind of worked out, right? Totally the same thing...

    I'd also opt for this sound effect everytime I use it: *pew!* *pew!* *pew!*

    I'll let you decide whether it's melee or ranged.

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    The question on everyone's mind (now) is: is it double headed though?
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    Well we kinda do get a boombox as a weapon...

    » Spoiler

    temporarily, in Toyko you will use a boombox as a weapon and then you will have it forever... in your inventory.. but not as a weapon. Just plays tunes

    So I could certainly see that being an easy segway into turning the same thing back into a weapon!

    But I really much rather prefer the idea of a "pet" class weapon - auxiliary or screw that make it a fully flushed part of the weapon wheel!! That would be sasty!
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    » Spoiler You don't get to keep the boombox from the missions. The permanent one comes from the issue 13 CE.

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