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Thread: 35 challenges in 5 weeks...

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    35 challenges in 5 weeks...

    Well, the pros can certainly nail that. I can usually hit the 5 challenges per week...

    Anything special going on for the not-so-pro players as well?

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    Pros? It literally averages to one challenge a day. The daily mission challenge alone is enough.

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    35 challenges in 35 days is less than 1 challenge a day, since you get 2 weekly challenges for doing any 5 within a week. Anyone who's finished the main storyline should be able to manage 5 dailies in a week it if they can play most days.

    [edit] haha that's not true. but the weekly for completing missions or doing elite dungeons are easy.
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    Really?? Just doing the daily mission challenge should already give you the completion... Not to mention the super easy Main Mission weekly challenge, or any of the PVP challenges. You dont have to be the best player to be able to complete any of the PVP challenges... Elite dungeons is also another easy challenge for most people, and a lot of people will be more than willing to help out as well if you ask in Event channel or even looking for group.

    If anything this challenge is too easy since "The Pros" will have it completed by Saturday.
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    Even if you cannot do the mission daily challenge (because you can't get into Kaidan yet and the RNG hates you), you can do the PvP minigame or an Elite dungeon randomizer as DPS or look in #sanctuary (or LFG) for scenarios or lairs. Do two of those and you're done in two weeks.
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    I suspect quite a few people do these 35 challenges within the first week of the event. It is easily achievable by doing all the dailies every day and on top of this you also get the weeklies while doing so.
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    The PvP mission alone can be completed by players any who reached kingsmouth's sheriff station.

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    Can someone confirm whether every character in your account has to complete 35 challenges or will doing it on one unlock it for all of them? The Doomboard challenge was the latter so I assume it's the same but I just want to be sure.
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    It should be account-wide, yes!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odonoptera View Post
    It should be account-wide, yes!
    Thanks for the clarification!

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