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Thread: Various ideas about some signets and abilities changes

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    Lightbulb Various ideas about some signets and abilities changes

    Good morning/evening,

    Me and my friends are doing a lot of PvP and PvE and we always try new changes and stuff regarding Abilities and Signets, i would like to make the following suggestions regarding a few signets and passives (some suggestions would also be better for PvE and would render some of these passives also more useful without them being overpowered), if you want to discuss these suggestions further then i obviously invite you to do so, that is the purpose of this topic (note that i divided categories by numbers and "-----" for an easier classification, i will also put a legend in the beginning of the suggestion list.) :

    [1] "Fever Pitch" - A passive in the "Building Blocks" outer branch of the Chaos wheel part.
    [2] "Paradigm Shift" - A passive in the "Theory" inner branch of the Chaos wheel part.
    [3] "Trucker" - An active Hammer ability in the "Battering Works" of the Hammer outer wheel part.
    [4] "Signet of Insurance" - A PvP Head/Weapon Signet obtainable in Shambala.
    [5] "Blood of the Deep One King" - A 10.9 healing head raid talisman obtainable in the "Eidolon of the Outer Dark - Nightmare" Raid.
    [6] Other ideas about other stuff (no signet/abilities discussion, but related, somehow!)

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    [1] --- First, the "Fever Pitch" passive : in its current state, it will grant you a 25% Major Hit Chance effect for 5 seconds with a 15% chance to proc on weakened targets that you're hitting.

    Now, the Buff itself is already powerful and does not need any changes but, the conditions to proc it and the mechanics behind combined with the 5 seconds duration makes it unreliable and often it will not proc - in fact, unlike other passives and signets in the game, this passive will have a chance to proc PER attack and not PER hit.

    Combined with the fact that you actually need to HIT the target (means it will not proc on a Glance or Evade hit), it basically will never procs on targets where this buff would come in handy whereas if you hit your target very often, it will proc more often (although not really that often overall, given the proc conditions and mechanics of this passive) it would mean that you
    do not need the passive to begin with and so it is quickly ditched out.

    So i am proposing a few changes regarding that passive :

    Since it is supposed to give you the tool that you need to counter a nice portion of the Glance Chances, the proc conditions do not match the buff granted and the context of such tool i am proposing this first hand : Whenever you Glance or Evade a target, it will give you a Counter. At 3 (or 4, pick your choice, but 3 Is better imo) stacks of this Counter, you will gain the Major
    Hit Chance effect, which reduces the chance of glancing by 25% for 5 seconds. The counter resets whenever you hit (so a normal, critical or penetrating hit, glancing-penetrating hits should still count for the counter though) your target.

    This proposal would still make it random to proc, but a very and more handy reliable tool to use especially in a PvP context against people using Glance Buffs or Defence, while still not gaining a 100% uptime because it will reset if a single hit gets through. (The Buff of 25% is also fine as it is, it will not counter a single stat completly, but it will negate a good portion of it, and then you can complement it with Hit Rating, do not forget you are still losing a passive and trading your burst power to get through some of the defenses).

    Another change for this passive although i pretty much would recommend the first change i proposed), would simply be to change the simple mechanism behind Fever Pitch as in, a chance for this passive to proc PER hit and not per attack, maybe lower the buff proc chance per 7-10% if you do so instead of 15%.

    Last but not least regarding this passive, you could take the Elemental Force counter mecanism, except it would build up on Glancing hits, so each time you are Glancing you build up a Counter, at 4 stacks of Fever Pitch you gain the 25% Major Hit Chance buff and like Elemental Force, it will not reset the stacks but it will not build up either while the buff is active and it would build up one stack per second per Glancing attack by that mechanism i mean that if you are using a multi-hit attack and say four of your hits are glancing in one second, it will only build 1 stack of fever pitch, not four Stacks, that would also be a viable option for this passive, less random and would allow to time it right against your opponents and building your
    Counter to get through some of their Defence.

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    [2] ---- "Paradigm Shift" a passive which effect is : Whenever you apply Weakened, you have a 30% chance to gain the Minor Hit Chance effect, which reduces the chance of glancing by 10% for 8 seconds.

    This passive has one of the same issues as Fever Pitch, not only you actually NEED to apply a Weaken effect, but it also has only a 30% chance to proc so a chance of procing per attack if your attack can always apply a Weaken effect.

    If you read the part about Fever Pitch and you are considering changing it, i would also change the Paradigm Shift passive to something more reliable, substained like the passive Iron Maiden, while still requiring some conditions with a little bit of RNG for it to proc.

    I would suggest changing it by this as followed :

    "Whenever you hit a Weakened target, you have a 30% chance to gain the Minor Hit Chance effect, which reduces the chance of glancing by 10% for 8 seconds"

    It would first, not forces you to actually Weaken your target for it to proc, only an already weakened target, while still keeping the basic % of proc chance.
    To make this even more substain, i suggest adding this 30% chance to each of your Hits if of course, they are actually hitting (and not Glancing/Evading) a Weakened target.

    That would make it the 'Iron Maiden' version but for Hit Chances, making it an other viable choice for substain Glance-countering (a bit of it of course, you would still to complement it with other passives and Hit Rating to get through all of the defences eventually.)

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    [3] ------ "Trucker" an active from the Hammer weapon, effect is as followed : 'Charge 15 meters charge to the target. The target must be at least 3 meters away.
    You charge to the target dealing XXX physical damage and you gain the "Major Block Chance" effect, which increases Block Chance by 45% for 6 seconds. (20 seconds Cooldown for this ability overall, 10 seconds with "Double Dash").

    So the Dash is very nice and very mobile and the damage is okay, since it's just a charge. Combined with the Augmentable Damage, Survivability and Support Slots on it, it makes it appealing and is a very great tool for both DPS and Tanks (especially Tanks). Yes, especially Tanks, since this Dash also gives the 'Major Block Chance' buff which is 45% Block Chance.

    Now that is the overpowered part, let us take the 'Double Dash' passive, the effect is this : "Reduces the recharge time of all dash abilities by 50%" So it reduces the Cooldown by half, yes, including Trucker which makes it at a 10 seconds Cooldown. That is the overpowered part, not the fact that you have a dash at 10 seconds Cooldown (it is very much fine, fighting should be
    mobile and combats relied on heavy movement), the Buff is not.

    The uptime is too great and compared to the other actives that give this Major Block Chance buff, it requires little to gain insane chances and mitigation from it, not to mention the added mobility on it.

    Let us do a quick comparison between Trucker and other Dashes that also gives an additional effect (pretty much only defensive effects for this and detailed which are pretty much melee dashes overall like Trucker) and also active abilities that are granting the Major Block Chance buff (i will also mention the other Major defensive buffs, like Major Defence and Major Evade
    Chance (we will include Double Dash for the dashes in them) :

    - Touchdown! (an Hammer active Charge) : A charge which is pretty much the same damage and range/conditions to use it as Trucker, also an Hammer active, its Cooldown is at 6 seconds (with Double Dash, 12 seconds otherwise) and it grants the Minor Block Chance which increases Block Chance by 15% (see already the difference there? And no, the 4 seconds of difference is not really justified, why should i take Touchdown! when i can take Trucker and gain way more Mitigation and a better Buff?)

    - Unstoppable Force (an Hammer elite active buff) : An elite ability that gives you 25% more Health, a 15% damage Buff for 8 seconds, an Immunity to Crowd Control abilities, and a Heal that heals you for XXX or XXXX depending on your Heal Rating. It also gives the Major Block Chance 45% buff for 6 seconds, 30 seconds Cooldown - Since it is an elite, it makes sense that it is
    powerful, the Major Block Chance being very powerful especially as a tank, it makes sense that it comes in with such an elite, still, 30 seconds Cooldown for Major Block Chance and other things, compared to a 10 seconds dash that also gives this powerful Buff.

    - Stonewalled (an Hammer active Buff) : You gain the Major Block Chance effect, which increases your Block Chance by 45% for 6 seconds (also comes in with a passive that reduces its cooldown by 15 seconds) so a 45 seconds Cooldown without the passive and 30 seconds with it.

    Here is the fun part, the only thing this ability does is giving the Major Block Chance effect with a 30 seconds Cooldown on this ability with its passive, compare it with Trucker and Double Dash which : - Gives you Mobility, can catch your opponents very easely - also gives you the Major Block Chance buff like Stonewalled does and has more augments type slot than
    Stonewalled, making Trucker way more powerful than Stonewalled, thus as a player, you will ask yourself this question : why should i take Stonewalled when i have an other active giving me the same buff all the while giving me more Mobility? Oh and no, the target only need to be 3 meters away, you can make distance easely and dash on the target just to get the Major Block
    Chance Buff, really easely.

    - Bushwhack (an active Fist Dash) : You charge to the target dealing XXX physical damage and you gain the Minor Evade Chance effect, which increases Evade Chance by 10% for 8 seconds. The target also becomes Impaired and unable to active abilities for 5 seconds (17,5 seconds Cooldown with Double Dash, 35 seconds without it)
    This Dash is fine, Evade is a very random tool as a protection against damage, the impair comes in handy, good Mobility, nothing to say, the Minor Buff is fine, like Touchdown! it is in line, making Trucker the only overpowered broken exception with the same conditions Dash wise (and especially since Block is one of the best defensive stats in game to reduce the damage
    of your opponents/targets... that combined with some other passives like Blindside).

    - Gore (a Fist active elite Dash) : You charge to your target dealing XXXX physical damage to up to 6 enemies in a 5 meters radius as you arrive and you gain the Minor Evade chance effect (10% evade chance for 8 seconds).
    Affected targets also become Afflicted with a damage over time effect that deals XXX physical damage every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds. The duration of this affliction effect will be refreshed by hits from any attack, however glancing hits will remove it (20 seconds Cooldown and 10 seconds Cooldown with Double Dash).

    Nice damage, great Dash, very nice Affliction effect although random, gives a Minor defensive Buff again (note that it is a Fist elite active ability...)

    - Spiral of Death (an active Blade Dash) : You teleport to the target and hit up to 6 enemies in a 5 meters radius, dealing XXX physical damage and you gain the Minor Defence effect, which increases the chance that attacks against you will glance by 10% for 8 seconds. The target must be at least 3 meters away
    Like Trucker, it is a decent Charge, except it gives a minor buff much like its other dashes counterpart (except Trucker), 15 seconds Cooldown (7,5 seconds with Double Dash).

    - Martial Discipline (an active Blade Buff) : You gain the Major Defence effect, which increases the chance that attacks against you will glance by 50% for 6 seconds. This ability does not trigger and is not affected by global recharge time. 45 seconds Cooldown, it is a buff and it does not have a passive to reduce its Cooldown, given the buff it is fine, it is just as a matter of comparison yet again : 50% Major Defence every 45 seconds against 45% Block Chance every 10 seconds (both buff have 6 seconds duration).

    - Illusion (a Chaos active buff) : You gain the Major Evade Chance effect, which increases your Evade Chance by 35% for 6 seconds. This ability does not trigger and is not affected by global recharge time (45 seconds Cooldown, comes with a passive that increases the buff to a 45% Evade Chance for 8 seconds). Evade is the most powerful mitigation in the game in itself (just
    way more unreliable outside of its buff, but has poor synergy with other passives so the cooldown makes it justice, unlike Trucker with Major Block which is way more reliable, gives very decent mitigation without random while synerging it with other passives and thus making Trucker way more powerful than all other active Buffs and Dashes, making Hammer the better choice for Mitigation and Mobility just for that ability alone, i won't mention the last buff "Smoke & Mirrors" which is an other Chaos active evade buff (40% evade chance for 8 seconds with a 90 seconds Cooldown).

    So we get all buffs and dashes with minor effects, balanced, having the same pattern, except Trucker which gives a buff that active abilities like Stonewalled and Unstoppable Force do, except with the added Mobility (and a nice 20 seconds and 10 seconds with Double Dash, as a reminder).

    I'm suggesting the following changes for Trucker, i have three in mind for it :

    - A simple reduction of its Major Block Chance proc, meaning this ability would have also 33% chance to give the Major Block Chance proc instead of a guaranteed Major Block Chance proc when you Dash on your target, since it is just a reduction and given how it is the only dash giving a major buff, i would rather see it change its secondary effect, hence my next suggestions..

    - An anti Crowd-control component replacing the Major Block Chance component, meaning that if you use the Dash, it will remove all Crowd-controls effects that you are currently under, including impairs with a 2 seconds Immunity to Crowd-Control effects much like the "The Liberation Contrivance", meaning it would still be useful and powerful without it being game breaking because you would need double dash for it to be at 10 seconds Cooldown, like Flicker in Elementalism that removes all Roots/Hinders on you with the same Cooldown as Trucker, except that Trucker would remove either all Roots and Hinders/Impairs with a 2 seconds anti Crowd-Control, or just an Impair/Silence removal.

    - An other that i would recommend most : remove the Major Block Chance proc from Trucker and replace it with an effect that will give you a 12,5% Damage Reduction when you dash with Trucker for 6 seconds, it would still keep the Mitigation defensive part, would not make it too overpowered but still useful as a Mobility and Damage Reduction tool without it being game-breaking like Major Block is with it, it will pretty much be on the level of Touchdown!, just on different aspects and the choice will not be as obvious hammer wise.

    The third suggestion amongst what i suggested for Trucker would be the most fit, the second one would be good, but if you absolutely want to keep the Major Block Chance on this dash i'd recommend the first suggestion, although it's best to remove it when you compare it with other dashes, and how much of an impact it has right now.

    Sorry if that was very long for that ability, it needed lots of comparison and details about it, i am not done though, there are other things i would like to suggest modifications about, like Signets.
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    [4] ----- The "Insurance" signet, a PvP signet obtainable in Shambala that you can slot on either your head talisman or weapons, the effect is as followed : "Whenever you hit or heal, you gain a beneficial effect which lasts 10 seconds. This effect can only be gained once every 15 seconds. If this effect is purged, you gain a beneficial effect which increases your Evade Chance and the chance for attacks to glance you by 10/20/30% (uncommon, rare and epic quality respectively) for 10 seconds. This effect cannot be purged."

    So first, this Signet is working as intended (Proc Conditions wise) and is the most useful in PvP for Tanking and Healing (even Dpsing in combination with another Signet that i will mention below after i am done discussing about the Insurance signet).

    But it is 'too' useful in fact, becoming completly overpowered..., the mechanism behind it is very interesting coupled with the fact it is currently the only counter to Purging.
    However, the buff that Insurance grants its user is too powerful and thus renders any purging attempt useless and purges themselves useless knowing you will buff the people you want to purge, while at the same time it means they will be way harder to burst.

    Don't get me wrong, purges need a counter, but they do not need such a hard counter as to make them of no relevance anymore.

    First, about this signet, it does not have a 15 seconds cooldown, the tooltip is completly wrong, the signet cooldown starts as soon as it procs, the first effect of course which is the one not granting a buff but can grant the buff if it gets Purged, it has a 5 seconds Cooldown off-time overall since the Signet effect lasts 10 seconds.

    Having said that it also has another aspect, in fact, if you gain the secondary buff, the one in which the first effect buff gets purged which grants you this secondary Insurance buff which gives you the Evade and Glance Chance, is not under any cooldown, what i mean by that is you can get the Evade/Glance Chance buff effect from Insurance, while still gaining the first
    Insurance (which is the one granting the effect after it gets purged) making it potentially having no off-time at all under heavy purges.

    Purges are really important, especially in heavy competitive PvP matches and even in general, but the Buff to counter it combined with the Uptime is just too great, and puts the Insurance users on a big edge, it means people won't slot purges (except Hard Reset, the only viable purge right now against multiple Deep ones + this, making all the other purges in the wheel, well... USELESS) and won't be able to get through any of the defences, that includes all roles, they can all slot it without losing some damage overall, if people are still taking purges, they are actually buffing their opponents thus making it impossible to kill them too, unless you rely on heavy cooldown buffs like Amor Fati... even then good luck with the current damage reduction in PvP and combined with an other NM raid signet head piece that i will write about later (See the "Blood of the Deep One King" part

    Having said that and the current mechanics behind this signet, i will propose the following changes which would allow it to still be very interesting and powerful given it is the only current purge counter (we do need more of these by the way, this signet is great, but it should not make (like i said), purging completly obsolete) :

    - The first one is rather plain, simple, make the Cooldown apply after the Insurance buff ends (Insurance 1 and Insurance 2 both foolproof and the current buff) and not when you have just proc the first effect (like as it is on live), it would encourage timing it to counter purges like Cleanup or general purgers if you're spotting them or abilities like Hard Reset, right now given the uptime you can just hit or heal once and you will get it always knowing fully well the uptime is great and just has 5 seconds off (and that is not even rementionning what i said above). That would justify it being such a big Buff, while it would still require its user to time it properly, if they time it wrong or their opponents are smart it will be wasted and gives the Insurance user a 15 seconds cooldown AFTER the 10 seconds effect of Insurance is off (Both Insurance proc types, with the one also giving a buff when it gets purged, so you would still have a 15 seconds Cooldown AFTER the second effect which gives the 30% Glance/Evade Chance too).

    - The second one would be to keep the current Mechanics behind this signet, meaning the Cooldown will start as soon as the effect of Insurance 1 or 2 ends with a 15 seconds Cooldown and a Buff Duration of 5 seconds instead of 10 seconds for both effects (means Insurance 1 which is the foolproof against purges, and the one giving the Glance/Evade Chance which is Insurance
    2) it would render it less game-breaking while still being powerful enough, i rather prefer the first suggestion though, it encourages at timing your signet more and thus requires more attention and micro-managing, but i guess this one can work as well.

    - My third requires more work about it, it incorporates the fact that the Cooldown should start AFTER the Signet buff ends (for both Insurance 1 and Insurance 2 (the Foolproof AND the Insurance buff),but it will also change the Signet buff - rather than a 30% Glance/Evade Chance, put an Immunity to Purges if you are getting Purged once (for 10 seconds, 15 seconds cooldown AFTER either of Insurance effects are ending)

    - A fourth suggestion would be changing the Insurance signet completly to a more offensive tone, it would have the same mechanics (well, should still put the Cooldown Mechanics change behind it), keeping the same Cooldown Duration but changing the Buff completly : If your Insurance 1 (the foolproof) gets Purged, you'll get Insurance 2 (the real thing), if under Insurance 2
    (during 10 seconds) you get Purged, you will reflect XXX physical (or magical damage) back to the Purgers (and make it high damage that can potentially land critical hits and penetrating hits, it would make it a bit more dissuassive but it counters the act of Purging itself a bit less, it just makes Purgers think twice before throwing their hits under the Insurance signet of their target, but would rather like it to be an Immunity to Purging like i showed above).

    - A fifth simple but too easy change and i do not really recommend it would be to reduce the buff effect of the Insurance signet by 5/10/15% respectively per rarity, but the issue would still be there regarding Purging just Buffing your opponents when they are supposed to get their defence broke a bit hence me not recommending it, but still proposing it nonetheless.


    All of these changes would make it still powerful in PvP for potentially all Roles (more importantly for Healers and Tanks though) while not making purging too obsolete and would require overall for both the Purgers and the Insurance users to time their Signet/hits right, more micro-management and could be deadly if used right, counters, but no counters that are completly
    making some abilities and passives from the Ability Wheel obsolete.
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    [5] ------ The "Blood of the Deep One King" a 10.9 Healing head with an effect that you can get in the Eidolon of the Outer Dark NM Raid, the effect is this : "Whenever you critically heal a friend, you apply a beneficial effect which increases their Block, Evade and Defence Rating by "Your Critical Rating/2.5" (giving the actual rating of the buff) for 7 seconds. The amount added increases with your Critical Rating. The duration of this effect is not refreshed when reapplied."

    First and foremost, the buff is very very insane in both PVE and PVP. As a Healer, with 2.000+ Critical Rating, you will of course enter diminishing returns, but it still will boost your healing power in itself nonetheless especially as a fist healer while you can still get some critical power and quickly enter diminishing returns, thus you actually do not lose anything in order to buff up the defensive stats you give to your allies.

    Now, with 2.000 critical rating, you will give 800 of each stat in Defence, Evade and Block to your allies on a single critical heal (it will proc on a direct heal, but also on a critical heal over time, even if the user of this head talisman is dead while some heal over time are running on his allies, it can still proc).

    But that is not the issue in itself, but the number of stats it actually gives : like i said you won't lose anything as a healer when having critical rating, since the heals benefect highly from them, so 800 on each defensive stats on your allies, it will give a total number of 2400 stat points thanks to a single head piece.

    A QL11 glyph full stat setup will give around 2.620~ to put on all of your stats, and that is with a QL11 setup, which isn't easy to get since you will get the kits from NM raids only.

    That's what the issue is, it gives near/is on part with a full glyph distribution setup, just that it's split evenly between all 3 defensive stats, allowing tanks to actually... not slotting any defensive stats in PVE and making them useless in your gear, you can just go with offensive stats as long as you have a healer with this head healing you (and with the fact that it procs on critical heal and critical over time heal and lasting 7 seconds, the uptime is near 100%), that means you have tanks that actually don't have to think their gear up, they'll just have to maximise their damage output now and not their mitigation much thanks to this head. And with a tank still having defensive stats? It's a healer carrier, the tank will have overkill stats, the healer will have 0 difficulties in keeping their tank up or any other person in every content of the game.

    Yes, that is including PvP, the purges won't work against it (except Hard Reset) why? While indeed the purges affects it, it has no cooldown, when you purge it it gets back instantly, so there are no cooldown. Cancelling it manually while a healer heals you with it? It also reprocs instantly on you, proving that it indeed, has no cooldown.

    Now add the overpowering effect of the head piece, it makes dps like tanks in pvp, coupled with the damage reduction, they aren't killable (unless Hard Reset of a very good coordination, on a premade level), even with purges with what i said above, combine the healing head piece with an insurance signet on your dpses, and your dpses are pretty much invincible since they'll get buffed heavely by Insurance while being purged with the healing head buff on top of it all.

    Yes, a healer alone with this head in PvP makes it vulnerable since he will have a high amount of Critical Rating and pretty much no defensive stats (or 700+ Defence Rating while still giving lots of defensive stats to allies), but it's a team game, the DPS are protecting their Healers, the Tanks are as well, if you cannot burn through the DPS because of this head piece and the Tanks, you will not kill the healer, they will get you before. Now add another Healer with the Healer having the Head piece (both of them having it) and the Healers will also have Defensive stats since they will pretty much also heal each other, they will have high Crit Rating, so high capabilities of healing like a glass-cannon, while having the sturdiness as a tank, it is like they have a stat pool of near 5.000 Stats points, depending if they have QL11 glyphs or 10.5 glyphs.

    With all the flaws in it given how too powerful it is i suggest the following changes regarding it :

    - First, you could change the formula regarding this Head piece Buff, from Critical Rating/2.5 to Critical Rating/3.5, so at a 2.000 Critical Rating level it would give around 573 to each Defensive stats, it would make it powerful still but way less game-breaking while requiring a huge amount of Critical Rating to achieve such a result.

    - You could also apply an higher Cooldown PER target, instead of a non-existent Cooldown as it is right now put a 20-25 seconds Cooldown to the target (WHEN the effect expires the Cooldown starts), it means you would keep the basic formula, just that the uptime would be less great, it would be a nice survival boost but not a game-
    breaking survival boost, i like the first suggestion more though, since diminishing its return would be better, combined with the proper 7 seconds Cooldown fixed.

    - An other idea would be to change the Proc Conditions of it, it would proc on a target that has below 35% HP, meaning you would give them a survival boost that would keep them alive longer while giving you more time to save your allies, while having a Cooldown of 10 or 12 seconds instead of a 7 seconds Cooldown, it would be powerful for emergency situations and would still make this item very much desirable in all content but way less game-breaking and overwhelming overall.

    - One idea would also be changing the proc conditions to a critical direct heal only and not this talisman procing from heals over time while also adding an internal CD (about 7 seconds, making all purges effective against it and not only Hard Reset)
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    [6] ------ We also had ideas regarding the suits and Hit Rating/ability changes, first for hit rating :

    - Hit rating should, in PvP, also gives you a bit of offensive capabilities rather than only getting through the defenses of your opponent to make it more appealing.

    As it stands right now, that stat is near useless in PvP, it doesn't provide enough bursting power (it adds no damage) where burst power is everything in PvP, i suggest the following regarding this statistic to make it more on par with other offensive stats in PvP using the suits so it doesn't affect PvE :

    One would be to increase a small % of your penetration, critical and critical power % every 100~ (subject to debate, like every other ideas i've posted) hit rating or so.

    For example, for every 100 hit rating you invest, you will gain around 2/3% of every percentage (1,5% for critical power, or maybe 2/3%, you can probably figure out better numbers) so you don't fall too much behind while trying to get through the defences while also getting a bit more damage (but still less burst power than someone having 0 hit rating, tons of critical chance and penetration, except you will get through some of the defences easier).

    Another would be to take the mechanism of the Dust of the Black Pharaoh, except it would again only work in PvP with the suit, like the more hit rating you invest, the more chances you will get of dealing a second hit of a successful hit that will deal 25%~ of the damage of that hit (obviously if that one is put in practise, you don't need the % of other stats with hit rating on the suits), it would make for a more interesting and appealing choices and there would be maybe more variety in stats (if you invest in hit rating as dps you will have to drop either your critical chance or your penetration chance) now how much % of chances per XXX hit rating i do not know yet, would have to figure out not so overpowered proc chances for it.

    Now if you are still reading for the last idea, abilities changes overall PvE vs PvP :

    For any changes (additionnal effects on abilities, different damage etc), it should include a "Works only on enemy player" parts, just like how the Soul Eating and Time Thief signet works, so there wouldn't need any PvE changes for the sake of PvP.

    Now i do not know if that is subject to technical limitations, but it would make "balancing" much more easier overall and there would be way less complaints (looking at you Anima Shot!)

    Following that mechanic, we could also have the PvE raid items having a PvP "counterpart" with the same QL level but with a different name (just like how Coney Island Band 10.4 is named Band of Dis in 10.9), it would allow modifying stuff in PvP ALSO easier without affecting the PvE gear counterpart.

    This PvP gear could be obtained via the old deleted 'Distinction of the Council' currency that you could earn (by increments of 5~) every 10k PvP XP.

    The same would go with QL11 glyphs except if you obtained NM raid gear PvP variant, you could only use it in PvP (glyphs would be up to debate, i'm not sure yet).

    While you would not be able to use the raid NM PvE pieces in PvP, you could only use them in PvE, you'd have to do PvP to be able to use those in PvP.

    That is pretty much it for now, it is a bunch of ideas that i had (and discuss with some people) months ago and have not thought about posting it here first but oh well, why not.

    And in a nutshell, everything here is subject to debate and changes, i am for reminder not pretending for it to be the best, there are just a bunch of ideas that i would like to get your feedback/own ideas on, always interesting.

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    PS : Sorry for the lack of colour etc, had too much stuff to put together right now, if it is that big of an issue i will put this more properly.

    For now i seperated each category for a better "readability".

    Note that these ideas and abilities/signets are the ones i'm thinking off right now, it would take even more long HUGE posts to talk about other abilities regarding PvP or their uselessness and need of a boost overall (looking at the long cooldown of Shake & Bake or you know, dps drones...).

    I also hesitated in posting this in the suggestion topic in General, but given this is overall mostly for PvP and how long the posts are, i posted all of this here.

    Enjoy (hopefully!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernyy View Post
    As it stands right now, that stat is near useless in PvP, it doesn't provide enough bursting power (it adds no damage) where burst power is everything in PvP
    Hit rating in fact does add damage, not directly from hit rating itself, but the damage increase comes from reduced glancing.

    Glancing hit deals 60% less damage and if you have equipped a blade, 35% of that damage is healed back. If you somehow reduce glancing by 10% you are dealing at least 6% more damage (60% of 10% is 6%) to that target, or more if the target has blade equipped.
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    Of course, but that is why it fails as a stat in PvP comparing to Penetration Rating or Critical Rating (no burst power, a little bit more of substain but that is it, trading other stats that contributes to your burst power for it, sometimes more than 50% of it if you do not want to glance against specific people at all (and then you won't even be able to crit ever).

    Penetration counters a defensive stat and has its own multiplier that deals its own damage, Critical hits as well to a certain extent.

    Hit Rating poorly counters one stat and counters partially one other stat while having no multiplier on its own adding damage, hence that idea about having a chance of dealing a secondary hit of a successful hit that does 25% of its damage (the more hit rating you have to get more chances) to add a bit of a burst to it in order to make it more appealing (or a small % boosts on other stats thanks to the suit).
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