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Thread: Various ideas about some signets and abilities changes

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    I would rather see the effectiveness of hit rating be increased (in pvp, in pve it should remain as it is) instead of adding more crits, pens or crit power just by adding more hit rating. I often joke around that I need QL12 glyphs to fix my stats in PVE, but even so I really don't want to see the stats increase because of something else, like hit rating.
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    Hit Rating efficiency against Defence can partially work as well, it would depend on how much Hit you'd need against the Defence rating of your opponent, but right now it requires too much investment and trade-off to be worth it (if at all, quite honestly) (hence adding an extra plus to it in PvP to not get too far behind in terms of pure burst).

    You are better off with a Castigation Signet, 10% chance to proc on an attack that will make your next 12 hits not glance (procs work as well, they won't glance at all under Castigation, test it yourself, you will see) with a 12 seconds cooldown rather than investing in Hit Rating.

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    Imo, an elegant nerf for the Blood is to have the buff scale of crit power Rating instead of crit power. That would make the extreme stacking of one statt inefficient, and by that would in effect reduce the amount of stats gaine from the buff. If you were already using a balanced stats Budget, effects would be minimal.

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    pourquoi tu rage? nice post!

    Another possible Dok change could be that instead of giving all it's value at once (crit/2.5) it could give it over 10 stacks (crit/25 per stack). So it wouldn't affect it that much in PvE and it would be easier to keep it less impactful in PvP.
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    Lots of good thoughts here, especially the ridiculousness of Insurance and BoDOK. I like Claire's suggestion for how to improve the head talisman.

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    I like Claire-V's idea as well.
    Whether it's 10 stacks or 5, that would depend on whether the stacks could only be gained once per second, and whether the source of crit heals is changed (e.g direct heals only).

    As for the Insurance:
    Currently, pre-mades completely counter and neutralize that signet with Hard Rest (and Molten Steel or some other stuff).
    For non-pre-mades, it doesn't matter since no one will purge anyways (or there is only a single purge very rarely), so it isn't procced.
    So I do not see any problem with it, beside that it is a wasted signet slot, except that healers don't have anything to put on a fist weapon anyways.

    For Trucker:
    I have to check whether that suggestion of 12.5% mitigation is on the same level as the original 45% block chance for PvE.
    Hammer tanks really rely on this ability, I think.
    But this might be a candidate ability for that splitting of PvE and PvP stuff you mentioned.

    At the base 300 protection ratings, the damage mitigations are:
    Normal Normal 0.8833
    Pen Normal 1.3104
    Block Normal 0.6125
    So 12.5% dmg mitigation doesn't look enough to me.
    The double of it (25%) would be better: 0.8833 - 0.25 = 0.6333.
    Otherwise it might be better to stack protection ratings, except for that stupidity with splitting it into physical and magical portions.

    Please pool the physical and magical protection stats into a single protection stat!
    I might drop my defense rating for it in PvP

    EDIT 2:
    For the Trucker:
    You might want to consider that for a block-based healer the only way to counter the WC dps tali is to use Trucker and/or Touchdown together with Immovable Object.
    So you might not want to decrease its potency too much, although you don't see too many block healers anymore, pretty much because of the WC meta.
    It was a fun and somewhat risky play style with jumping into the middle of the battle for defensive buffs
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernyy View Post
    Good morning/evening,
    Good read, and refreshing to read criticism of overpowered mechanics by people who have been using them, rather than attempt to defend them.
    Although you seem to have forgotten to post section [7] Dust of the Black Pharaoh
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    Taking into account Claire's idea, 5 stacks would be plenty fine (have to take purges into count) on direct heals (again, subject to debate).

    Insurance is still useful against Hard Reset... it stall for 10 seconds the Hard Reset user (definetly not a waste of a slot, it's dissuasive to any and all purges, even Hard Reset).

    A bit of an explanation about this : Hard Reset won't proc Insurance if you use it before the "foolproof" procs but, if you use it during Insurance duration, Insurance will proc and you do not want to Hard Reset an Insurance user despite getting rid of all of their buffs, the buff it gives is too great.

    Now imagine the case scenario of an optimized premade vs premade setup : every dps, healer and tanks are using Insurance (most likely in combination of Deep One), you can already see where the stalling power comes from and how hard Hard Reset becomes to play, even more so since you can control Insurance pretty easely in all roles, add to that the 5 seconds off time, the drawbacks of Hard Reset and there are lots of issues with this.

    The fact that it makes lots of purging passive completly useless (when they were, along with Cleanup, useful against teams with more than 3 healers in particular in ED) is a bit sad (and also shows how OP it is, nobody slots Purge except Hard Reset just because a healer or tank will most likely have it) and also that you need whatever weapon + elementalism to counter this, it destroys pretty much alot of the variety that made PvP really interesting overall.

    Hence this alternative that would still make this signet great (and encourages timing, specifically with the Immunity to Purge thingie, at least the Purge user can still keep hitting the guy, except the healer or whatever will have way more breath to burst heal or survive overall) or a big reflective hit during the 10 seconds buff (with maybe a little bit more of a cooldown or the same) to dissuade the purging user from purging key targets.

    I otherwise agree with physical and magical protection merging stats.

    About Trucker, i don't think it's worth countering the Woodcutter with any block, hence why most if not all of the healers are running with Defence nowadays (also crit being an even more troublemaker) but the 12,5% mitigation overall reduction should be in PvP only, the fact that you get the 45% block chance in whatever role with a short CD (and 6 seconds duration), is what makes it completly OP, just compare it with Stonewalled, that Dash has way too much benefits with little drawback compared to the rest.

    Then again putting it a major ward effect to the dash might be fine in itself, would have to see it in practise, but with Double Dash i can already see it being one hell of a mitigation CD so not really convinced for now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oyajuu View Post
    Good read, and refreshing to read criticism of overpowered mechanics by people who have been using them, rather than attempt to defend them.
    Although you seem to have forgotten to post section [7] Dust of the Black Pharaoh
    I can make one obviously as well, i started by what had most of the impact in most if not all mini-games, it also does have its drawbacks, i'll elaborate more on this later.

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    I haven't been playing enough to make substantive comments, but reading through this I agree with all of your specific suggestions. It is nice to read well thought out, reasonably presented commentary in the PvP forums. For a second I thought I had come to the wrong place since there was no whining or hyperbole

    One thing that does worry me is that all these suggestions are almost exclusively aimed at toning down defensive capabilities for tanks and healers (and with the raid talisman, dps). A good dps can still kill my decently geared/built healer if they know what they are doing. I don't have purple signets or any raid gear beyond the original NYR, so I am not one of the unkillable healers with incredible output that I suspect (rightly) motivate some of these changes, but it worries me that without making some changes to damage output dps will be out of balance. Some tinkering to the effectiveness of Crit in the EF buff might do the trick, and might, once again, help make more dps builds attractive.

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