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time to get up sexy gamers the games about to begin and give me a key yay yay yay i hope anyways


YES! finally figured out how to get my avatar


Originally Posted by Secret Stalker Friend View Post
Did you bother asking if it was offensive?
if you ask everybody about everything...your gona realize you woun't be able to post/talk/or show any emotion without insoulting somebody...



You're tearing me apart, Funcom!


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Right I just woke up. When I went to bed, it was just after we were told there was going to be an update at noon. Anyone tell me what's going on now?


Just one beta!
I've been refreshing pages for 2 days now... I almost started peeing in bottles at one point.



I suspect that funcom made an ordinary forum account and hid a puzzle within the masses of comments. I HAVE UNVEILED YOUR SECRET FUNCOM!!!


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Originally Posted by KyuubiNoNeko View Post
only took me like 20mins to find image



Originally Posted by Crythias View Post
Because you need some refresh...

To all members of this forum ! To all those involved in the secret war !

Soldales !

It's time to choose what will be your faction. The fateful day is coming when the darkness will surge on the world.

Are we willing to allow this foul tide to drag us under and lead us toward the abyss ?

Illuminati, how long will you stay hidden in your golden towers recounting your money ?

Dragons, how long will you spread that Chaos that divides us all from the true goal ?

Templars are prepared to this war since ages.
We only have the power, the courrage, the discipline and the unity to speak out to protect humanity.

Prepare yourselves for the day when we shall strike,
at the same time proving that the power of magic still flows through the veins of our Secret World !

Are you sure you've selected the good faction ...

Now, join Templars or be ...

PS: Coucou ŕ toute la communauté Francophone de TSW !
Oh yes.... even though we already own everyone, it just takes time for them to realise it.

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