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I have over 10 years experience as well if you include the good old D&D days
Besides, it's often more fun to get yourself into a mess, as you then have to get yourself out of it too, stepping at a trigger knowing that removing your foot again would be bad.. then knocking

But we'll work with it


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Originally Posted by Munchlord View Post
The idea wasn't so much all the traps as enough of them to get close enough to hear the movie soundtrack. Also, as for the highly trained elite point, I have that one in my favor as well as against me with Naiem. While I didn't explicitly state it in his profile because it's usually grossly misrepresented in media to the point of being misinterpreted, Naiem is essentially a Ninja. Avoiding detection, be it by people or mechanical means (like trap triggers), is one of the focal points of said training. Plus he's taking his time and being careful, so I figured it made sense. If he'd been in a hurry, I'd have probably rolled a die for it, and if he'd been chased by Ravers or shit, he'd defenitely fallen into one.

@Jay: I'm aware of that part about not so fortunate events, I use it myself rather often actually (my intro for Arcath was thought to include a motor breakdown for instance, even if it's a more lite version of this.). While I'm new to the community here abouts, I've been an avid practitioner of this particular pastime for more than 10 years.

Sounds good!

Looking forward to playing with you!
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Originally Posted by JayBrand View Post
Sounds good!

Looking forward to playing with you!
Right back at ya. And to the rest of you as well.


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Hi guys, I'm back. I'd been busy writing three fanfics. Anyway, I'm going to introduce another character sooner or later.

Anyway, welcome to hell, Lord Munchie! XP It's now global so sit back and enjoy the ride!


Following in Lita's footsteps as far as the after the fall deal goes, and just posting that part here, since the rest of the profile is in my siggy anyways.

After the Fall - Arcath: Being a meticulous and compulive planner and being unable to come up with a reason why apocalyptic was going to happen, he started preparing for it, slowly at first and faster as things started deteriorating. First with personal funds, then he started embezzling from the family business, then whatever funds he could get his hands on without pissing off the Illuminati. The end result was a number of small stashes hidden across the US, as well as a one man bunker/shelter in Nevada and a vault hidden in what used to be a Lumie place beneath New York. When things took a turn for the worst, he retreated to the bunker and laid low for a few years. Since then, he's come back out of it and is making his way towards his main vault in New York. He's getting close now too, but the Templar having taken over was not exactly good news to him.

How's that sound?


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It sounds good.

I'm still planning over a few things for my side story and how it went. Unfortunatly I'm going to have to rethink the whole bit about Daniel being alive since I can't come up with a way to make it not sound rediculously contrived. Johney it looks like this story may have some followings down the road with my current idea as to how I'll end it.


Btw, Dyno, we could spice up the RP when Alice comes back, with her asking where Jack is, but it appears like she won't be back for some time, so I'll continue on my own until she does.


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Eh that could work. She would want to know where Jack is, let's hope she doesn't level the place trying to find that out since as Jack said a while back, he's holding her together.


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Johney I assume you have a plan for the watch towers around the town walls, each with a trained sniper ontop?


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Holy crap we just had an interaction with no real conflict. Whats becoming of this rp.

P.S. I'm about to add something about joining to the masthead post of this thread.

Pps I was just figuring as long as he wasn't acting hostile they would be fine with him leaving.

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