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Should be the 19th or something. GW2 has their beta NDA lift on the 20th... so there'll be a bit of competition for the media spotlight.


Guys, my patience wont last to 21st. What should I do?


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I predict that these previews will generate hype, Secret War will start near 21st, and Open Beta will soon follow, maybe at the end of March, so people playing SW can get to max rank.
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Delaying wrt SWTOR is a good idea. GW2 will prove to be a greater challenge, however. Hopefully the 2 games won't completely overlap due to the differences in PVP and setting, though.


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The pvp is quite simmilar

The setting is different

I'm not worried though no way is gw2 coming out in April / may


Pancake day AND embargo lifted on TSW \o/


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Originally Posted by JerryC View Post
The pvp is quite simmilar

The setting is different

I'm not worried though no way is gw2 coming out in April / may
I don't know how similar the PVP is between TSW and GW2. Both have "reduced size" actionbars. But competitive PVP in GW2 will give boost you to max level and give you all your abilities. So I'd say GW2 PVP is 100% based on skill... whereas PVP in TSW - well, I'm not sure. I doubt they'll gives us all 500+ abilities without any levelling involved.

Closed beta is still underway for GW2, but a April/May release does seem very much possible. I believe the beta started at the beginning of the year, so 4-5 months seems to be a reasonable amount of time before release.


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I have to admit it worries me that this game looks to be launching their advertising campaign alongside GW2. Its like David V Goliath.
GW2 has a HUGE fanbase/following and a lot of gaming sites are hyped up to hell with all things GW2.

I am playing both games for sure with this one being my number 1 choice, but I think I will be in the minority.


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It's not a competition between TSW and GW2, so why worry? They have different business models, different settings and most likely different audiences too. Judge TSW on it's own merits.

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